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Backlinks Explorer
Unlock your Competitors Backlink Data with this all-in-one Management Tool Quickly Import, De-Dupe, Analyze, View, Review, Request and Report on all your competitors backlinks – no need to mess around with Spreadsheets. Compatible with Major Backlink Providers Compatible with Major Backlink Providers Automatically recognizes SEO Profiler, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and SEO Moz backlink file formats – easily configured for any source. Free Edition limited to 10 domains. Get Free unlimited upgrade with TrialPay or purchase license to upgrade

Analyzing backlink profiles is one of the most tedious aspects of SEO, and rightfully so.

You see, search engines like Google are similar to the way insurance companies are portrayed in Hollywood.

You read the terms, cover the costs and do everything in your power to get things in order.

But when accident or disease strikes, your insurer finds a loophole and bam—you’re toast.

While such movie scenarios are usually overblown and improbable in real life, they happen all the time in SEO.

It doesn’t matter if you invest thousands in link building or on-page optimization.

Search engines like Google will find the weaknesses in your backlink profile and use them to determine your SERP rankings.

That’s why your backlink profile must be squeaky clean and free from anything that looks spammy or manipulative. 

This starts by downloading your backlinks and analyzing them carefully yourself.

Then, you need to spy on the backlink profiles of your competitors to learn what they’re doing well, and how you can use their tactics to improve your own link building strategy.

With Monitor Backlinks, these objectives are more than doable.

You just need a more effective method of downloading and auditing backlink profiles, both yours and your competitors’.

A free link popularity / link analysis tool. It shows what anchor text is linking into a page or site. For years it was powered by Microsoft Search data & the Yahoo! Search API. However, Microsoft stopped providing a public source of link data & Yahoo! recently discontinued their API. Thus the software can still be used to check/verify a list of links you already know of (such as reciprocal link trading parterns, or a list of links from another tool) however it is no longer functional for pulling backlink data from public search engines.

It is sad to announce the retirement of this tool, but there are now many online alternatives…

  • Blekko offers a lot of SEO data, including links (here are examples for link: & linkdomain:)
    • the only downside to Blekko data is their 3 billion web page database tends to be a bit small when compared against either Bing or Google, so some of the weaker links may not appear in their database & they may have weaker coverage of non-US sites.
  • Google & Bing have webmaster tools offerings.
    • the only downsides to these are
      • you generally have to be a verified webmaster to use them
      • you can only pull data for your own websites
      • if you want to remain anonymous to the search engines you can use some 3rd party SEO tools, or a regional search engine which has a webmaster tools section, like Yandex.


It is well known that backlinks are an important way to increase your rank in search engines. No matter how you get inbound links to your site, you need a tool to control the status of these links – whether they still point to your website, what anchor text these backlinks have and so on.

Of course, you can check the status of your inbound and reciprocal links manually, but it is a huge time-saver to use BackLinks Master instead. BackLinks Master helps you find who has links to you, whether these links are direct or embedded into JavaScript and what keywords they have in their anchor text.

Simple Backlink Indexer Overview

It is a powerful SEO software. This is paid software, but I will leave you with a hacked version of a Simple Backlink Indexer software, i.e. it is a version that has been enabled for a long period of time. It can quickly identify your backlinks. It has many websites where it can submit our backlinks and our backlinks indexes quickly.

About Simple Backlink Indexer

A Simple Backlink Indexer broken high quality software with standard Backlink Indexing Service used by 1000 users and made with millions of Backlinks. With the cracked backlink indexer tool, simply go and build a link as you used to, and leave all the grunt work to us. We empower your backlinks with a very powerful targeting system that will give you a high target rating – guaranteed

  1. Largest link database

    We use the industry leader Majestic 
to get our links. You won’t miss a link!
    Identify good links with metrics like Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and number of external links from the page. Know whether they are Do Follow or No Follow.

  2. Filter your links

    Find the links you want 
with our powerful filters.
    Find exactly what you’re looking for. Stop wasting time going through less valuable links.

  3. Link previews + favoriting

    Save time and avoid malware with our embedded link previews!
    Stop wasting time trying to find 
where the link is on the page.
    And easily save links for later 
by favoriting them.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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