• If you spend a lot of time on the PC, either working or doing homework, you surely have looked for methods and ways to speed up various actions, such as typing complex phrases that you regularly need and launching a certain program or website address. VMeisoft Autokey is one of the applications that can help you perform all these tasks, plus many more.

    Once the installation ends, you can access the main window of VMeisoft Autokey where you can create new profiles that will be available only for the games and applications you specify.

    Basically, you can assign keyboard and mouse shortcuts to a wide range of actions, thus being able to reduce the time you would otherwise spend doing multiple repetitive tasks.

    For example, you can assign a keyboard hotkey that you can press whenever you want to quickly insert a large block of text within your document, such as your signature or your full address. You can also launch websites, folders and files, while other shortcuts can be assigned to pausing the current track, jumping to the next or previous one, turning the volume up or down or stopping the song altogether.

    Furthermore, VMeisoft Autokey you can also create macros that would simulate a succession of keys, just like you would need within the games you play most frequently.

    Additionally, you can effortlessly disable or enable the profiles you have created, so you can assign the same hotkeys to multiple tasks, as they will only be launched within the context you defined in the profile.

    All in all, VMeisoft Autokey can come in handy if you want to finish your school assignment or meet work deadlines without too much hassle. Even if it does do your work instead of you, VMeisoft Autokey can surely help you finish it faster than before, especially if you decide to purchase a license and use it beyond the evaluation period.