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Vibosoft PDF Password Remover

Vibosoft PDF Password Remover

1: What does the registration key mean?
A registration key is a one-of-a-kind ID generated by the FME Licensing Assistant from system data. It's Safe's way of limiting a single fixed license to a single computer.

2: What is a registration key number?
A registration key is a code of letters and numbers that allows access to one of the many Thomson Reuters products, such as Westlaw, CLEAR, Firm Central, and more.

3: What is the registration key?
Each person will create an individual user account by entering the customer's account number, an online registration key (available from your local dealer), and basic billing and shipping address information. The account administrator will be the first account created.

Developer’s Description

By Vibosoft Studio
Adobe PDF is an ideal file format to protect author’s copyright and authority due to its user and owner password. You may have deal with all kinds of electronic files in the daily life. Thus in order to protect these vital information, you may have set different password for different documents and one day you may find that you have confused by these different password, and you can’t open the file while you’re in urgent. Therefore, Vibosoft PDF Password remover helps decrypt all the restrictions of your PDF files. Remove restrictions on PDF copying, editing, and printing directly. Support 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES decryption. Remove PDF Open Password with the right authorized password. Allows to decrypt up to 400+ PDF files at one time and doesn’t crash

Adobe’s PDF is an electronic file Format short for Portable Document Format, it was widely used for business and e-book format and can completely compatible with any operating systems like: Windows, UNIX and Mac OS and also be viewed in various mobile phone and e-readers. It supports fixed width layout and reflowable content and can be automatically optimized in a smaller size without losing the quality. This powerful performance makes it an ideal information transmission format for electronic document on the Internet,

Little Knowledge: Owner Password and User Password

Adobe PDF file offers various useful and convenient features for users especially in the aspect of security, its permission feature can be able to effectively restrict other people from altering your work document and share your work by email or network without worrying about stealing or modification. There are two methods available for you to protect your PDF document, one way is digital signature that allows you to declare the authority of your PDF files, and another method is use permission password to set the authority of PDF file. Most of people were confused with the PDF permission issue; in fact PDF has two group passwords: one is Owner password and another is User password. Let’s first learn what thing really they are, then choose a suitable approach to remove PDF protection.

Owner Password:

The content in PDF will also not be visible if it is set by Own Password, If you can access the PDF file but still unable to edit, modify, copy and print out signature due to the restrictions imposed by the “owner” password protection, When we enter user password, general PDF processing software will first judge whether it is Own Password permission or not, if it is, then it will open all operating permissions to users and user can use this PDF file without any limitation.

Vibosoft PDF Password Remover is a simple and small application meant to help you remove both restrictions (copying, editing, and printing restrictions) and assigned access passwords (passwords that restrict opening and viewing the files) from PDF files.

Don’t get the wrong impression that Vibosoft PDF Password Remover lets you crack and bypass any unknown password. This tool doesn’t help you retrieve and recover lost or forgotten passwords as well. It only lets you remove set restrictions and passwords from PDF files, but in order to do so, you have to know the assigned passwords and to provide them when it’s necessary.

Anyway, Vibosoft PDF Password Remover didn’t quite impress me, not even when asked to do the job that it’s supposed to do. It simply failed to remove restrictions from a perfectly fine PDF file, for unknown reasons. Since it fails proving its reliability, its only remarkable advantage remains its simplicity. Its straightforward interface makes this tool easy to use even for complete beginners.

Cutting long story short, unfortunately, Vibosoft PDF Password Remover is not a tool that I can recommend. My suggestion is to try other PDF password/restriction removal tools until a new version of Vibosoft PDF Password Remover is released, one that would patch and fix its current problems.

Vibosoft PDF Password remover helps to decrypt all the restrictions of your PDF files, such as owner`s password protection. If you often work with PDF files, you might protect your copyright and set different passwords for your documents. If it happens that you get confused with all passwords and will not be able to open a protected file, Vibosoft PDF Password remover will help you to decrypt all the restrictions.

  • Remove restrictions on PDF: copying, editing, and printing directly;
  • Supports 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES decryption;
  • Remove PDF Open Password with the right authorized password;
  • Allows to decrypt up to 400+ PDF files at one time with no crash.

Features of Vibosoft PDF Password Remover Free

Effortlessly Remove PDF Password & Restrictions
– Feel powerless when PDF document refuses to be copied, edited or modified due to password protection? Take it easy. You can turn to Vibosoft app to remove these annoying limitations.

Remove User(Open) Password After Authentication
– That’s right! We claim that we give the ability to you of removing PDF user password, but the premise is that you have the right authorized password. Because we need to protect our software is lawful and be sure that you have the right to do something on these files.

Bypass Password Restrictions from PDF Document
– Once you have entered the user password, you can directly crack the owner password with one click. Maybe you’ve found that not all PDF files is protected by two passwords, so for those files which is only protected with Owner Password, you can directly crack its restrictions on copying, editing and printing.

Decrypt PDF Files with Advanced Decryption Algorithm
– If you’re familiar with the structures of PDF, or you have ever used a PDF Encrypter tool to encrypt your PDF files, then you must have known that there are 3 different encryption system, such as 40-bit RC4,128-bit RC4,128-bit AES. Thus, this program provide a smart mode to crack your files in any encryption system.

One-click to Free All Encrypted PDF Files
– PDF files always be encrypted in 3 different encryption system. So sometimes you may get a tool but found that it only support to decrypt files in one encryption mode. Terrible thing, right? So Vibosoft takes all your needs into consideration and release this tool, which can provide a smart mode to crack your PDF files in any encryption system.

Remove PDF Restrictions Without Any Loss
– A bad third-party software may make you lose data from your PDF files due to various reasons. So Vibosoft technical team have spent lots of time on this point to ensure that all your PDF contents will be saved very well after the removing.

What Tips You Must Know about User and Owner Password
– Don’t know the user and own passwordWe have mentioned PDF user and owner password in the above contents, but some people may confused about these two different password. So we think it is necessary to clarify the definitions of them, so that you can easily distinguish which kinds of password you need to remove.

User Password
– It is also called Open Password. This password is often created by people who generate the PDF document to protect the PDF files from opening by others. When a PDF document is protected by User Password, we have to enter the correct pass code.

Owner Password
– It is the password that set to protect the PDF files from changing by others. With an owner password, the owner can protect the PDF files from printing, copying or editing.

Brief Interface and Humanized Design

All-new Interface Design Makes the Process Easier
– In order to provide users with a distinctive and brief interface, Vibosoft have changed the whole interface design in the latest upgrade. You can preview these screenshot in the below category to experience its humanized design.

Multi-language Supporting Function
– Not used to use a program in English interface? Don’t worry. Vibosoft have added multi-language supporting functions to all software, including Chinese, French, Japanese, etc. Now, you can choose any familiar language according to your needs.

Support All Windows System
– It supports nearly all windows system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, both 32bit and 64bit systems; No matter which system you computer is, the program can works stable.

Vibosoft PDF Password Remover
 Clear the password for PDF files to edit, copy and print it with this program. Adobe PDF is the ideal format for protecting the copyright of publishers and authors, however, you may have different passwords on your various PDF files, and do not forget what password you set for your file. Under these circumstances, you can use this program to remove all restrictions placed on your file, and then be able to edit or print your file. This software supports 40-bit RC4 encodings, 128-bit RC4, 128-bit AES encryption.

You can open up to 400 encrypted PDF files at the same time without having to worry about it. Many PDF files are protected by two passwords; for such files, it is necessary to enter the primary password so that the program is able to break the second password, however, for other PDF files protected only by the password of the file owner. You do not need to enter a password and you can directly drag the password to the file

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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