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Time Monitor (64-bit)

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By Piranha Designs
Time Monitor is parental control software for Windows designed to help parents limit the time your kids spend using a computer. Time Monitor puts you in control of deciding when they can log in and for how long. Limit computer time to only so many hours per day. Schedule time limits in 1/2 hour increments. Force user log off at designated time. Unique account settings for each user. Disable a user account to prevent access to the computer
  • The DeskTime mobile app does not track your phone usage time, it gives you insight to what team members are doing at their computers or when they’ve started their mobile timer
  • You can start the mobile timer in the app to indicate that you’re working away from the computer . Like meeting with a client, visiting manufacturers, etc .
  • DeskTime increases team efficiency on average by 30%
  • Fully automatic time tracking is available on the desktop app.
  • Multi Monitoring & Control Software with Early Warning Functions supports IP control, real-time monitoring, and Early Warning for up to 2,048 projectors and displays on the intranet. The software can serve content playlists, report on operational history, send reminders before scheduled maintenance, notify the operator of errors, detect trouble before it occurs, and much more. From Version 3, Remote Preview* allows the projectionist to check input video prior to display.

Basic Functions (Free)

Manage multiple devices via intranet from one PC

Experience unified system management from a single PC. Multi Monitoring & Control Software can control and monitor up to 2,048 devices including PJLink™-compatible products of any brand. Functions include execution of control commands, setup of an automated playback schedule*, and Remote Preview* of input video prior to actual display.


Being 24/7 connected to the Internet can be a fantastic feat, since it puts you in direct touch with a wide assortment of information, ranging from news and informative articles to games, contacts and media content.

However, sometimes your connection can be subjected to various unwanted events such as spikes, random disconnects or slowdowns caused by excessive bandwidth usage by either you or another user connected to your network. That’s why you need a monitoring tool such as NetSpeedMonitor.

Keep an eye on your connection

Don’t think that this tool is that kind of surveillance monitor that enables you to pry into other users’ activities. Rather think about it as a visual “equalizer” for your Internet connection that displays only basic information that can help you pinpoint issues, should they occur.

More so, you needn’t even bother with its main screen since it can run silently in your system tray until you decide to summon it for various advanced operations. However, the toolbar is always visible so that you can at least keep track of your download and upload speed values.

A few compatibility issues

Given that its release date was not exactly yesterday, you might expect it to be a bit buggy here and there and you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Compatibility-wise, this application manifests some trouble whenever you try installing it on Windows 8.0 and higher.

However, if you are the patient, tinkering type, you can choose to run the installer in Compatibility Mode, which should make the setup process run as intended and the application behave as it should.

Simplistic interface

Visually-wise, NetSpeedMonitor doesn’t exactly strike us as stunning, but given its profile and how it stopped receiving update for a long time, this shouldn’t be an issue, except for the more pretentious users who might expect flashy animations or other eye-candy elements.

More so, its interface packs a bunch of controls that can be easily comprehended and operated even by the most inexperienced of us, regardless of PC skills or previous experience with similar software as long as we keep in mind that almost everything this app’s got to give can be accessed from the tray icon.

Handy network activity monitor

To sum it up, NetSpeedMonitor can be of real help if you want to keep an eye on your Internet connection and see what the current download and upload speed values are or view a list of connections that are inbound or outbound to and from your machine.

Windows does not feature an integrated tool for monitoring the upload and the download speeds of your Internet connection. This is the reason why many developers created simple yet handy software utilities designed to help you keep an eye on such important network-related parameters. One example is Net Speed Meter.

This particular application is one of those tiny software programs that fulfill a simple task but can prove quite useful. Once you run it, a small meter is shown on your desktop, similar to what were once the Windows gadgets.

Runs in the system tray as well

The first instinct is to right-click and double-click on the meter to see if any menu pops up. Actually, you will be surprised to see that the meter simply disappears. If you navigate to the system tray, you will notice that Net Speed Meter’s icon is also there. The application runs in the background and gets minimized when double-clicking it. To get the meter back on the desktop, you simply have to double-click the tray icon or choose to maximize it from the context menu.

Another consequence of a double-click on the meter is that the current download or the upload speed is copied to the clipboard automatically, so you can easily paste it anywhere you need to.

Alter the meter’s appearance with ease

The right-click menu in the system tray enables you to access the application’s settings and customize its behavior. There are just a few things to deal with here. For instance, you can change the speed unit from bits per second  to bytes per second. Additionally, the appearance of the meter, which is black by default, can be altered from the Settings window. The font and the text size can also be changed.

Net Speed Meter can be configured to start with Windows, so that you don’t start it manually each time you open your computer.

There are times when the actual speed you receive from an internet service provider is less than the advertised claims. In such times, Net Speed Monitor comes in handy, and lets you track the accurate speed of your connection.

The program has a simple interface and helps you monitor network issues, get detailed traffic statistics, and inspect the amount of data transferred. The lightweight package is free, easy-to-use, and doesn’t need a steep learning curve. While installation can take some time, the overall usage is smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, you can check the network’s upload and download speed from the PC’s taskbar.

Tracks internet speed, comes with a simple interface, and runs smoothly

NetSpeedMonitor is a free Windows utility that lets you check internet speed on your system. With this tool, you can record usage and easily compare statistics.

Additionally, the software can be a useful application to manage bandwidth restrictions and limitations. NetSpeedMonitor gives you the flexibility to figure out the appropriate time to browse heavy websites.

How to install NetSpeedMonitor?

For newer PCs with Windows 10, you won’t experience any issues with installation. However, older computers might need some time before the program is properly installed. Once the software has been installed, you’ll need to restart the PC to activate the program. NetSpeedMonitor is available for Windows 7 and above.

In case you experience some hurdles while trying to install Net Speed Monitor, there may be some compatibility issues with the antivirus program. To solve this problem, you can run the installation package in compatibility mode. This may take up more time, but it completes the setup process without lags or errors. Once you’re done, you can conveniently test internet speed.

What about the interface?

After the installation is complete, the app will be available on the right-hand side of the Windows taskbar. When you launch the program, you’ll notice a dialog box with some important controls. These include the Connections, Data Traffic Box, and Configuration Bar. Each of these options gives you accurate information about data transmission statistics and internet speed.

For instance, the Data Traffic window lets you monitor upload and download speed by day, month, or session. From the Configuration window, you can easily set the data unit and language in the application. This option also lets you choose the folder to save traffic reports on the computer.

The Connections window is the most technical of all the options. It displays a list of completed and ongoing processes. Moreover, it also gives information about closed TCP and UDP connection endpoints. This information is useful to identify unknown and known apps trying to connect to the internet. For easy reference, each application in the list comes with a process ID.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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