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StudentTutor (English-French)

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By MoreVocabulary

From moreVocabulary, StudentTutor EN+FR learning software makes you efficiently practice with 2,700 most useful words and short expressions of English and French vocabulary and finally remember them. The software features two stages of progression: the lesson stage to assess your actual level of knowledge and the repetition stage to exercise your memory using the powerful and well proven spaced repetition algorithm. English speakers can practice their French. French speakers can use the same application for learning English in the most productive manner. All features at a glance: – Dual-language combinations: English-French; – Two databases available allowing for reverse learning; – 2,700 questions organized in 54 lessons and nine categories; – Two stages: lesson and repetition; – Spaced repetition learning technique; – Two levels of difficulties: basic and advanced; – Up to three users can log on alternatively; – Words and expressions delivered in context when needed; – Up to four lessons can be selected to work on at any time; – Simple and efficient user interface; – Contextual help menus and tooltips in both languages; – Integrated FAQ and help pages ; – Visual and audio aids to track progress; – Last question and its answers are kept on screen; – Waiver button for difficult words; – Integrated feedback button; – Richest possible vocabulary; – Up to four correct answers given for each word; – Learning grammar about number and gender of nouns and the irregular adjective forms; – Learning nearly 4,500 words in total; – Auto-correction for some common space typing mistakes; – Time-saving procedure for nouns (article) and verbs (to) in English; – Comfortable screen size and a no distraction screen option; – Direct access to dictionary and audio files to listen to words pronunciation

StudentTutor FR EN learning software makes you efficiently practice with 2,700 most useful words and short expressions of English and French vocabulary .


Two stages: lesson and repetition
– Spaced repetition learning technique
– Two levels of difficulties
– Up to three users can log on alternatively
– Words and expressions delivered in context when needed
– Four lessons can be selected at any time
– Simple and efficient user interface
– Contextual help menus and tooltips
– Integrated FAQ and help pages

Considering the current circumstances, it’s essential to give students a choice to learn at their own pace and time. This gives them full control over what information they consume and when they choose to do it. The implementation of this “new normal” in teaching may seem difficult at first but there are a lot of educational apps for kids that can aid teachers in making this possible.

Aside from using apps, teachers can also develop content for this type of learning using eLearning authoring tools. This eliminates the need to schedule sessions where everyone is forced to be available at a pre-decided time slot. Plus, the teacher will also have more time to prepare since they won’t have to facilitate virtual classes several hours a day.

If you are a struggling parent whose confused about the self-paced set-up we have recommended, don’t worry. We know exactly where you should begin. That’s why we have listed some of the best educational apps for kids you can download to start introducing your child to a more independent learning technique.

In other words, Student Tutor EN + FR Learning Software teaches you effectively with 2,700 extremely useful words and abbreviations of English and French words and should be memorized at the end. The software consists of two stages of development: the lesson tutorial step to assess your actual level of knowledge and the iteration stage to use your memory using powerful and well-proven distance iteration algorithms. English speakers can practice their French. French speakers can use the same application to learn English in a more productive way. All features at a glance: – Dual language combination: English-French; – Allows learning of two database reversals available. – Arranged 2,700 questions in 54 lessons and nine categories. – Two steps: tutorial and repetition; – Distance Repetition Learning Techniques – Two levels of difficulty: Basic and advanced; – Up to three users can log in alternately. – Words and impressions expressed in context when needed; – Four lessons can be selected to work at any time. – Simple and efficient user interface; – Contextual help menus and tooltips in both languages; – Integrated FAQ and help pages; – Visual and audio ads to track progress; The last question and its answers are displayed on the screen. – Discount button for difficult words; – Integrated feedback button; – The most possible vocabulary; – Four correct answers given for each word; – Learning grammar about noun numbers and gender and irregular adjective forms; – Learning a total of approximately 4 4,500 words; – Automatic correction of some common place typing errors; – Time saving method for noun (article) and verb (from) in English. Comfortable screen size and no distortion screen option. – the words

Our aim is to help English speaking people learn Russian, and help Russians learn English. The Russian Word Teaching Program gives you the opportunity to learn Russian in your half-active time while doing your daily routines e.g. certain kinds of trainings, kitchen activities like washing up,…

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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