• SqlBackup.io is a reliable software that enables you to copy the data from on your SQL server and send the file to the specified location. The application allows you to schedule the backup task to automatically start at every few hours. Simply set the starting date, then let the software create recurrent backups.

    With a clear-cut interface, SqlBackup.io allows you to easily create a backup for one or several database fragments from your SQL server. The software prompts you to connect to the server, using your authentication credentials, if necessary, then select the items which interest you. The software can backup the entire database or selective fragments of it.

    The software can perform the backups on demand or according to a schedule. If you enable the scheduled task, you also command the software to perform recurrent backups, since the function allows it to create full backups once every few hours. You can manually set the time interval between two tasks, as well as the starting date and time.

    SqlBackup.io allows you to save the output file on your computer, to the specified folder, to a FTP server, or to an online cloud account, such as DropBox or to Google Drive. The FTP server, DropBox folder or Google Drive account need to be already configured, in order for you to save the backup in one of these locations.

    Additionally, the old backups created with SqlBackup.io can automatically be removed after a number of days, if you activate this option. Moreover, you can receive email notifications when a task is finished. If you wish to enable this option, you need to setup the email STMP server.

    With SqlBackup.io you can easily create files in which to store copies of important data. Not only can it perform this task with ease, but it can also follow a particular recurrent schedule and send the output file to a local folder or to an online location. Moreover, the software can automatically send email notifications to you when a task is finished.