• Microsoft SQL Server account names and passwords are stored, in hashed from, in a master database file. While not easy to recover, they can be changed or reset instantly.

    SQL Password Bypasser is a handy utility that can make this process a lot simpler, enabling you to reset or replace account passwords in order to start the database. Moreover, it includes a powerful password recovery module.

    After installing and launching the application, you need to select the SQL Server instance you wish to manage so that the program can find the “master.mdf” file; however, you also have the option of locating it manually.

    Once you have accessed the file, you can see all the registered accounts and modify existing passwords or set new ones. The process is remarkably straightforward and can be completed in seconds.

    While resetting or modifying a passkey is very simple, retrieving them is quite a bit more complex. The application can run various types of attacks in order to find it, but the process is still going to take some time.

    Dictionary attacks can be used to recover passwords that consist of common words, while brute-force attacks are useful if you know little or nothing about the key you are trying to recover.

    Alternatively, you can set up a more complex mixed attack, which makes it possible to use different recovery methods for certain parts of the password.

    On the whole, SQL Password Bypasser is a reliable piece of software that can help you reset, modify or recover SQL Server account passwords without too much effort. It features a minimalistic, intuitive UI, and it even includes a comprehensive user manual that can help you get started.