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Slovoed Deluxe EnglishCroatian Dictionary

Slovoed Deluxe EnglishCroatian Dictionary

Developer’s Description

By Paragon Software

English-Croatian and Croatian-English Slovoed dictionary software for Windows lets you easily find appropriate translation of any word and express yourself most precisely thanks to high translation rate, detailed and up-to-date dictionary bases and easy-to-use interface. Slovoed electronic dictionaries are developed to satisfy the most fastidious users, for both language professionals and learners, business and private users.

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English-Croatian and Croatian-English Slovoed electronic dictionary for Windows continues the popular series of MultiLex translation software for PC, which has been top ranked by majority of professional linguists and translators as well as first-rate companies: Mercedes-Benz, Brithish-American Tobacco, IKEA, Deloitte, LUKOIL, Gazprom, Beeline, MTS and many others.

Read, learn, work and communicate with English-Croatian and Croatian-English Slovoed translation software on your desktop computer. Most of the electronic dictionaries contain detailed word translations with usage and sound samples, transcription, grammatical information and color markup to satisfy all your needs

Software solution designed to translate text and documents from and to English and Croatian, it comes with many nice tools and features that you could check out

Slovoed Deluxe English-Croatian & Croatian-English


Review by Alexandra Vaidos on December 15, 2015

The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your files easier. One of them is Slovoed Deluxe English-Croatian & Croatian-English.

It’s a nice software solution designed to translate text and documents from and to English and Croatian, it comes with many nice tools and features that you could check out.

Lightweight and clean graphical interface

The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and lightweight graphical interface with many nice tools at hand.

Slovoed Deluxe English-Croatian & Croatian-English is a nice software solution designed to translate text and documents from and to English and Croatian.

Translate text and documents

The dictionary has 3 main operating modes, extended mode, compact mode and pop-up translation. The extended mode is the most convenient as it enables you to see the list of the words and the window of the dictionary article.

Thanks to its compact size, the compact mode allows you to work in other open applications without any difficulties, remaining on the monitor of your PC. It is especially useful if you do not use Pop-Up Translation mode but you still need to translate words from other applications.

More features and tools

If you are unsure of the correct spelling of a word you are trying to lookup, use “Similar Words”. You will receive a list of words from the dictionary, which are similar in spelling to your original entry.

You can search for the words that you are unsure how to spell using the Wildcard search. The pop-up translation allows you to find a translation without leaving the application you are working in.

All in all, Slovoed Deluxe English-Croatian & Croatian-English is a useful software solution designed to translate text and documents from and to English and Croatian.

1. Company’s mobile product portfolio includes more than 1500 classic and illustrated electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias, phrase books in the widest combination of over 40 languages, with databases provided by the world’s leading publishing houses, such as Duden, Langenscheidt, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, PONS, Van Dale, VOX, and others.  English Talking SlovoEd Deluxe Croatian-English & English-Croatian Dictionary for Android is one of best-selling bilingual dictionary for Android containing the high-quality lexical databases from the world’s most famous publishers. Functional and easy-to-use, SlovoEd dictionaries are developed to satisfy the most fastidious users, language professionals and learners, as well as for business applications and private usage. Read, work, study and travel with a reliable dictionary on your Android phone!
· Look up unfamiliar words in SlovoEd dictionary directly from the home screen! Now SlovoEd dictionary provides translations in a Quick Search Box alongside other search results.
· Morphology module helps to translate words from any grammatical form (for English, French, Russian and Spanish dictionaries).
· Now you can search words by voice instead of typing them in a dictionary speaking your queries not only in English, but in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and Turkish! (Uses Google voice recognition service. Available for OS 2.2 and higher).
· English, French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
· Use Fuzzy Search in case of misspelling. Just enter a wrong variant and get a list of similar words.
· Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using Wildcard Search (use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters).
· Integrate SlovoEd dictionary with the Flash Cards application and quiz yourself with words you have added from the dictionary.
· Study the language in the easiest and most effective way using SlovoEd dictionary. Test yourself with a Word of the day widget on your Home screen. A random entry from SlovoEd dictionary is changed daily.
· Dictionary installation on memory cards.
· Hyperlinks between related articles and directions.
· Search History feature shows the last 20 words looked up.
· No Internet connection required: simply download the dictionary to your device and use it with no further expense incurred.
· Multilingual interface available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages.
· Paragon keyboard for accurate text input in Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish languages.New Release:

• Added new in-app to the catalog:
Russian <-> German dictionary Slovoed Deluxe
English <-> Russian dictionary Slovoed Grand

• Added Sound
• Added German and Russian localization
• Bug fixes
The Legendary Dictionary App is Back in a New Design!

Study, travel, and learn new things with the best dictionaries from the leading publishing houses.

Slovoed dictionary is a team player.

• Search words across dictionary entries, including use examples and idioms.
• Use templates to search with wildcards when you are unsure of the word spelling. Replace the letters you doubt with ‘*’ and ‘?’ symbols, then tap Search.

More Useful Features:

• Cross-references for words. Tap any word in an entry to reveal its translation.
• Flash cards quiz in each dictionary.
• Save your favorite words in a list.
• Offline mode is available instantly once the download is complete.

Access top-content dictionaries in one app.
Suitable for both language acquisition and crunching for exams.

• Improve your written language skills and break through the language barrier. Refer to real-world use examples to perfect your phrases.
• Use the app to identify the meanings of words, how words work in different contexts, and also check their spelling.
• Grammar form agnostic: search using any of the major grammatical forms (for English, German, Spanish, and French languages).

The best dictionary app to learn a language.
Slovoed Dictionary Collection is an approved app for use in schools and colleges, especially when you crunch before tests.

Your mobile dictionary for all occasions!

It’s indispensable when you travel. Wherever you are, the Slovoed dictionary app is available at any time and anywhere in offline mode.

2-Days Free Trial. Test drive the entire Slovoed dictionary app content for two days for free. The free trial won’t covert to a paid subscription.

Select from flexible subscription plans that suit you: one month or one year renewable subscription.
Subscription price varies from 1,99 to 19,99 EUR.

About Paragon Software

Paragon Software is a leading reference app developer. Its mobile product portfolio includes more than 1500 electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias and phrase books in the widest combination of over 40 languages, with databases provided by the world’s leading publishing houses, such as Duden, Langenscheidt, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, PONS, VOX, and others.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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