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Serbian for beginners + dictionary
This interactive course covers food, colours, shopping, parts of the body, numbers, telling the time, countries, greetings and essential phrases. You will hear the language all of the time and, using the recording games, you can start speaking straight away. Play interactive language games, learn new words along with pictures to reinforce your memory, test your knowledge with fun quizzes. As soon as you start playing you start learning. Earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement. It gives you easy-to-achieve goals. Learning a new language is far too big a task to tackle all at once, so the course is broken down into a series of rewarding challenges. You can learn on the move. Carry on learning in the airport lounge or the ferry without a computer. Just print out the phrasebook sheets included in the program and take them with you, or upload the program’s sound files onto an iPod. The one click electronic dictionary offers the unique EasyLex function allowing you to look up translations very fast in many applications. You only have to point with the mouse at the unknown word and its translation appears immediately. EasyLex works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, ICQ, Miranda, Notepad, Wordpad, etc. The electronic dictionary contains automatic language recognition (it will automatically recognize which language the entered word comes from), searching in any form (you can enter a word regardless of its case, number, gender or tense) and fulltext search. The translation dictionary is based on the Lingea technology,.
This is a Serbian-English and English-Serbian Dictionary(Српски-Енглески речник)
This new dictionary is more than just a dictionary. You can search words, from which you can also listen to the pronunciation. This is all very clear and it works as easy as a dictionary should, because it’s all offline!
Of course, you can do anything you expect from a dictionary, but there is more: It also has an extensive word trainer! This trainer is personal, which means you can add all the words to your personal dictionary and learn those words with the word trainer.
The word trainer has different exercises, which makes you practice all that is necessary: Your writing skills, your listening skills, your pronunciation, and your reading skills.
This makes that the app is indispensable when learning a language! It is suitable for any level.


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Simple, fast, convenient Serbian – English and English – Serbian dictionary which contains 59200 words. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not require an Internet connection. The dictionary contains the vocabulary trainer. This is an easy way to learn new words This dictionary offers a lot of additional possibilities, among them are: – Instant start – Instant search – Word trainer – Listen to the pronunciation of the words – Adding words to your personal dictionary – Search history – Offline (no internet connection required) – Change the font size – User-friendly interface Tags: Serbian English translator English Serbian translator Serbian English dictionary English Serbian dictionary Serbian English phrasebook English Serbian phrasebook Serbian-English English-Serbian Serbian language English language learn translation words offline trainer grammar conversation vocabulary irregular verbs speak for beginners learning lesson free country Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo Macedonia Montenegro Serbia

Description of English to Serbian Dictionary

This modern English to Serbian Dictionary app is developed to support language learners to upgrade their Serbian and English Language skills due to its wide range of functions. The structure and easy usage of this modern bilingual dictionary app is quite motivating for learners. With this dictionary they can develop their word stock by learning new words and phrases, synonyms and antonyms, grammatical structures, means of word formation and still more. This dictionary can also be used just to translate texts, words and phrases both from formal or informal speech. With this modern English to Serbian dictionary app language learning process will become easier and faster.
It is worth mentioning that there is no need of obligatory web access which allows to use it offline at any time you need. Thus, you can improve your foreign language word stock very fast.
This free offline dictionary app has the following motivating features:
• You can take a photo of what you are going to translate, for example, sentences, paragraphs, words and phrases from various texts and writings, and the application will naturally translate the chosen part or give you synonyms or antonyms of words or phrases.
• It is quite possible to share the app and invite your friends to join it via Facebook.
• This quite motivating dictionary gives the opportunity to save words or phrases which you like in the “Favorite” section to go back to it later. This function enables you to add new words into your word stock easily and effectively.
• In the “History” section you can find any word you have recently looked up into this dictionary app to translate, find the definition or any synonym or antonym.
• This modern English to Serbian Dictionary app helps to enlarge your word stock by studying a number of synonyms and antonyms.
• It gives you an opportunity to find correct translation or definition of formal and informal words and understand conjugation of verbs and declension of nouns.
• It helps you to go deep into the meaning and usage of any word by bringing relevant examples.
• It also makes it possible to learn how to pronounce words correctly. It presents the most correct pronunciation of any word. You just need to click on the relevant button and listen to the pronunciation.

This Offline English to Serbian Dictionary app can be used for Android devices to make the process of language learning easier, faster and more interesting.
Don’t waste your time, download it right now, develop your word stock, translate texts and keep on learning English and Serbian more easily and faster.

English Serbian Dictionary – travel dictionary to translate English to Serbian displaying a list of words in Serbian and romanised Serbian. The dictionary also translates from Serbian to English. Copying a word from the translated list for a reverse translation can be used to find synonyms and to understand the broader use of the Serbian word in the English language. Although the English Serbian dictionary does not provide definitions or examples, the use of the translation software in this way provides you with a mechanism to better understand Serbian words in the English context without the need for definitions. 40K references.
Learning games help to build vocabulary, using flashcard, multiple choice, spelling and word matching.
Play the classic Hangman game.
The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving the number of letters. If the suggested letter occurs in the word, it is displayed in the correct position. If the suggested letter does not occur in the word, one element of the man it drawn. The game is over when the word is complete, or the hanged man is fully drawn.
View the history of words used in the games and click on the list to show synonyms.
Ideal for travelers, business people or students.May require paid TTS voices.

A great companion for Serbian language learners, from beginner to intermediate level. Includes the most commonly used words in Serbian today. You can view the PDF dictionary on your smartphone or your iPad (using the free iBooks app).

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Complete Serbian Beginner to Intermediate Book and Audio Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language with Teach Yourself Hardcover – 26 Nov. 2010

Note: This item is eligible for FREE Click and Collect without a minimum order subject to availability. Details

Complete Serbian is a comprehensive book and audio language course that takes you from Beginner to Intermediate Level.

The new edition of this successful course has been fully revised and is packed with new learning features to give you the language, practice and skills to communicate with confidence.

– Maps from A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages
– 20 learning units plus verbs reference and word glossary and revision section
– Teaches the key skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking
– Learn to learn – tips and skills on how to be a better language learner
– Culture notes – learn about the people and places of France
– Outcomes-based learning – focus your studies with clear aims
– Authentic listening activities – everyday conversations give you a flavour of real spoken French
– Test Yourself – see and track your own progress

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