• If you work as a teacher, have a kid who’s going to school, or if you’re going to school yourself, you probably agree that having an intuitive schedule can bring you several benefits, mostly because you’ll be less likely to miss a class.

    However, instead of handcrafting your own school table, you’d be better off relying on trustworthy software solutions such as Schooltable in order to help you create the perfect schedule.

    Visually-wise, this program doesn’t exactly stand out among other similar software, since it boasts a simple, minimalistic interface that features an outdated theme. However, the controls are pretty much intuitive.

    Once you launch the application, you’ll be greeted by a useless splash screen that lets you either close the app or launch it. Once inside the app, you’ll notice various schedule-creation controls that are neatly distributed throughout the main window.

    Unlike other such applications, Schooltable enables you to create instructor entries, courses and other parameters, so that you can group the content you create as efficiently as possible.

    First thing first, you need to create an instructor profile and add various courses on the profiles you just generated. Unfortunately, when writing the name of the instructor or the code of the course, a maximum of 7 characters is supported, which can be pretty annoying at times.

    Although it provides you with an intuitive way of managing your classes and tutors, this application lacks printing support. So you can create the perfect timetable for your school activities, but you can only use it on your computer or rely on tricks in order to print it (such as saving it as a screenshot and printing it afterward).

    To wrap it up, if you need an application that can help you create school timetables and use them exclusively on your PC, you can give Schooltable a try. Keep in mind that it doesn’t provide you with any means of saving the schedule you just created or printing it whatsoever.