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Reef Shot

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By Nano Games
Reef Shot is an underwater adventure game that takes the player on an unusual voyage to the Pacific and gives him an opportunity to explore the world of marine life and discover sunken Mayan ruins and the end of the world prophecy. The player starts a photo-diving expedition along the coast of Robinson Crusoe Island, which becomes a mysterious underwater adventure. The game combines a navigation system in 3D space and mechanics of taking photos in realistic underwater scenery. It offers an engaging experience based on various tasks and ocean environment, supported by high quality soundtrack.

About Reef Shot

“If you’re looking for a well thought out, exploration game with a superb concept and intriguing storyline then look no further.”


“The game’s lighting and shading system is fantastic, and there are a number of genuinely awe-inspiring moments you’ll experience as you swim about the ocean.

Game Chronicles HD

“… If you are looking for some fun and relaxation while exploring the depths and mysteries of the Pacific Ocean, try Reef Shot.”

Reef Shot is an underwater adventure game with good graphics. The story starts at a photo-diving expedition along the coast of Robinson Crusoe Island. The player gets a 3D view of the sea floor. The player should go along with the diving explorers to find El Dorado, the legendary city of gold.

Dive into the depths of the ocean and uncover new fish species and why not, ancient relics.

Reef Shot is an underwater adventure game that will take you deep into the Pacific ocean and gives you an opportunity to explore a wonderful marine life and discover sunken Mayan ruins. Explore the coast of Robinson Crusoe Island in a fantastic photo-diving expedition that will quickly turn into a mysterious underwater adventure.

Game Summary

You can run Reef Shot Demo on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Reef Shot Demo is a game developed by Nano Games and it is listed in Games category under Adventure. Reef Shot Demo is licensed as Shareware which means that game is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. Reef Shot Demo was last time updated on Apr 30th, 2013.

Free Download Games Reef Shot : released the under-water action adventure game Reef Shot. You must give this game a try if you wish to feel like a mercenary under the water, who shoots pictures. Reef Shot is a first-person adventure video-length diving game in which player has an opportunity not only to learn something about an underwater life of the Pacific, but also to spend a few hours in a relaxing and addictive way of discovering the Maya myths. Reef Shot is an uncanny, first-person adventure game in which player takes part in a journey to the Eastern Pacific coasts of Robinson Crusoe Island in order to examine the maritime life. As Scott, a photographer hired by your friend Renee, soon you’ll find that under the water there is also a great mystery – of mythical El Dorado and of prophecy of the end of the world. Reef Shot is a family game, which can be played both by parents to explore the mysteries of the ancient civilizations as well as by kids who will spend some time discovering and learning about the various kinds of exotic fish species.

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