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Ray’s Numbers Game

Ray's Numbers Game

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Developer’s Description

By Ray Le Couteur Educational
A challenging and entertaining way to learn number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, times tables, division and much more. All in a fun packed game format and with an amazingly wide range of difficulty levels, to suit every child. Games are played against the clock to promote quick thinking. Includes a simple calculator and times tables up to 12. Written by a teacher and popular in schools. Now with a speaking clock to teach your child to tell the time


Free, fun to use educational software for children aged 3-6. A great way to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting, simple spelling, keyboard skills and much more. Simple, entertaining, educational games which your child will want to play again and again. With a choice of US or UK spelling.

This free program is aimed at young kids to help them to learn letters, words, numbers and other basic knowledge. Its interface is rather simple, so even little children will be able to use it. The program is divided into four sections: Nimber Fun, Color Fun, Everyday Objects, and Alphabet Game.

In the first one, the kid needs to click on one of the numbers listed on the sides. Then, its name will be spelled aloud and will be shown below a virtual keyboard. The kid needs to click on the appropriate keys to form the number’s name.

The second one is very similar. The kid needs to choose one of the colors located at the sides and click on it. Then, its name will be spelled aloud and appear at the bottom. The kid will need to click on the corresponding letters of the virtual keyboard to form the color’s name.

In the third section, a series of common objects will appear at the sides of the interface. When clicking on any of them, its name will be spelled aloud and will be shown at the bottom, as in the previous options. Again, the kid will need to form the word using the appropriate keys.

In the last game, the child will hear a letter’s name and he/she will need to click on the appropriate key of the virtual keyboard. If the kid’s answer is right, he/she will obtain points; if not, these points will be subtracted from his/her account.

Once the kid has finished an activity, a puzzle will appear for the kid to solve it, as a reward for his/her efforts.

If you have little children and want to help them to learn, then you may enjoy this program.

This tool is a fun and interactive software that will help your children better understand the alphabet.

The Letters and Numbers application represents a great way to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting, simple spelling, keyboard skills and much more. Simple, entertaining, educational games which your child will want to play again and again. With a choice of  US or UK spelling.

The game that revolutionized popular pastimes now in digital format in the comfort of your phone or tablet.

The game is to complete the numbers so that they are not repeated in the row or column. Do you think is easy?, with our new version will have 15,000 combinations of sudoku, from simple for beginners to combinations that represent a real challenge to your logic.

In fourth grade math, a line isn’t just, you know…a line. Learn the difference between lines, line segments, and rays in this math game disguised as art practice. As students go through Penelope’s drawing, they’ll spot the lines as the narrator calls them out and click on them once they find them. Once they’re done, they’ll have the full picture of geometry basics!
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1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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