• For those who are working in mental health hospitals or private clinics, the task of keeping track of all the patients and their corresponding records can be very demanding. They need to have good organizing skills and great care for details, in order to ensure a proper inventory of all the relevant documents and aspects. PsychReport was created in order to help users overcome such problems and it will provide a comprehensive set of tools and an extensive library of forms and reports, aimed at maintaining an extensive database of patient records.

    PsychReport boasts a solid interface that offers its tools both through contextual menus and also through a set of large buttons for the most often used features. Either way, once users start to open its different menus, they will notice that the application offers an extensive collection of features for patient management that might make it seem cluttered.

    In its overwhelming set of features, one will be able to find tools for defining the credentials, personal / clinical details for patients, as well as numerous standardized forms and reports. A useful on-screen timer for the work session is offered and users can also monitor the work process through a dedicated progress module.

    The application features a solid preferences module, where users will be able to define the required settings for the general or more specific aspects of the mental health business. However, novice users might have difficulties in setting up or handling the application, due to its increased complexity, which could require prior documenting.

    As complete as the application might be, it still possesses numerous drawbacks that cut down on the handling efficiency, which experienced users might not appreciate. For instance, sometimes the application fails to recognize the data entered in it fields and requires additional mouse-click selection of the required field. Furthermore, in our tests, it has exhibited considerable lag at start-up and in use, coupled with frequent random crashes.

    PsychReport will be a good solution for people who require a complete set of tools for managing a mental health clinic. It will provide them with numerous features for maintaining a patient database, scheduling appointments, planing financial aspects or finding the appropriate form or report through its extensive library. However, its unstable behavior and counter-intuitive data data entry might not make it a reliable solution for experienced users.