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New York Auto Bill of Sale

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By Bill of Sale

Create a customized New York auto bill of sale within 5 minutes. The New York auto bill of sale form includes the ‘Odometer Disclosure Statement’ which is mandated by State and Federal Law. The New York auto bill of sale form is printable

Free Fillable New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

When two parties (individuals) conclude a deal of a vehicle selling and buying, they normally fill out the bill of sale template. This document is valid in the United States, and the template varies from state to state.

A bill of sale proves that the sale deal is closed. In the majority of US states, you need to include this form in your package of documents when you register the received vehicle. Plus, a bill of sale is protecting a new owner’s possession rights.

Every such document has a basic description of the vehicle along with the deal participants’ personal information. There are states where the form has to be notarized. Notarizing the bill of sale in New York is not mandatory.

Creating a bill of sale (or Form MV-912) that accompanies the deal is mandatory in New York. You need this paper to succeed in the registry. In conformity with the official rules of the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a bill of sale is used as an addition to verifying that a person who obtained a vehicle owns it.

New York motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that provides proof that a motor vehicle has been legally sold and acquired in the State of New York. The form also serves as evidence of the vehicle’s change of ownership. It documents information about the buyer, seller, and vehicle that are necessary for registration and titling. It does also require notarization.

Signing Requirements: Both buyer and seller must sign, and it must be notarized.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MV-103): This form must be attached to the bill of sale of the vehicle is under ten (10) years old or sixteen-thousand (16,000) pounds.

New York bill of sale forms record information about the sale and transfer of a piece of private property between two people. The information includes specific details about the property as well as the buyer and seller. These forms are particularly useful for high-value property sales, such as cars and boats, but can hypothetically be used for any kind of tangible private property.

What Is a New York Bill of Sale?


A New York bill of sale is a written record that documents the change in legal ownership of an item. In addition to being required to transfer ownership through a state agency, a New York bill of sale is an important part of personal record keeping. It can be extremely valuable if there is a legal dispute over the item.


New York Bill of Sale is a document that lets New York residents transfer a piece of their property to someone else. Bills of Sale are often used to legally sell personal property like vehicles or firearms, but can also be used to sell horses, boats, and other goods of value.

On a Bill of Sale in New York, the person paying for the piece of property is the buyer, and the one selling it is the seller. After a purchase is complete, a Bill of Sale acts as a receipt of the exchange between the buyer and seller.


New York vehicle bill of sale is a legal document required to complete a private sale of a motor vehicle in New York. It is prepared by the seller and buyer to indicate relevant details, actual sale date, and price.

Form MV-912 is the official bill of sale form provided by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can use our customizable bill of sale template or go with the official one. They both include all the necessary information about the transaction.

New York bill of sale forms – browse bills of sale that can be used for other things in New York.

The New York bill of sale form corroborates the details of the sale of personal property into a written format to structure and identify the specifics of the transaction. The document organizes the information on the buyer, seller, sale item, and terms of sale to be confirmed consequently to signing. Having the contract notarized will certify the state of mind and capacity of each signing individual.

What Is a New York Generic Bill of Sale?

New York Generic Bill of Sale is a document that states the details of a transaction involving the sale of any property between the seller and the buyer. It records the transfer of ownership of various assets and legitimizes agreement between the parties. Along with the certificate of title and proof of registration, a Bill of Sale is usually enough to show you are the new owner of the property.When trading automobiles, vessels, and ATVs in the state of New York, residents are obliged to utilize a vehicle bill of sale. A New York motor vehicle bill of sale is also known as Form MV-912 and used to record the transition of ownership over automobiles or vessels. This document helps both parties confirm their agreement with the deal’s conditions and outlines details about a car being sold. In addition, the paper is necessary for registering a motorized vehicle and driving it on public roads.

New York bill of sale form is executed by a seller and a buyer after they have settled the details of a private sale involving personal property. Bills of sale benefit the parties by proving ownership transferred from the seller to the buyer and by waiving the seller’s liability with regard to the property’s condition. To complete this form properly, both parties must write their name, contact information, and signature, and the seller can record a description of the property and sale price. The signatures of the parties may be observed by witnesses or a notary public for an additional degree of validity.

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