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1: What does the registration key mean?
A registration key is a one-of-a-kind ID generated by the FME Licensing Assistant from system data. It's Safe's way of limiting a single fixed license to a single computer.

2: What is a registration key number?
A registration key is a code of letters and numbers that allows access to one of the many Thomson Reuters products, such as Westlaw, CLEAR, Firm Central, and more.

3: What is the registration key?
Each person will create an individual user account by entering the customer's account number, an online registration key (available from your local dealer), and basic billing and shipping address information. The account administrator will be the first account created.

Developer’s Description

NET-SMART monitors the condition of hard drives of the computers within your network. You do not need to install any special programs (agents) on the computers in order to know in what condition their hard drives are. It is enough to install NET-SMART on one of them and you will know what is going on with the hard drives of other computers within the network.In order to monitor the condition of hard drives, NET-SMART utilizes S.M.A.R.T. The former one allows for monitoring of the condition of hard drives, while the latter monitors the computers within the network. The monitoring takes place in the background – after running the program you may hide it in the tray.


Simple usage, Simple configuration, Monitoring an unlimited number of computers within a network, Monitoring computers that do not appear within the network regularly, e.g. laptops, Clear interface separating the computers in danger of hard drive damage from the ones with healthy drives, Scanning computers in workgroups. Scanning computers in domains

Netsmart Telehealth application allows providers and patient to connect virtually for scheduled and unscheduled telehealth visits.We continue to improve the patient experience with these new features:

The Netsmart Homecare Mobile Phone application rounds out the suite of clinical solutions for home health and hospice agencies. It satisfies the time and attendance and clinical needs of home health and hospice aides, homemakers, social workers, chaplains and physical therapy assistants.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, this tool permits effortless data gathering and updating of the clinical record while preserving the hands-on care giving interaction that is so vital to the patient encounter.

Features List:
· Includes the time and attendance functionality that allows for the greatest ROI, including mileage calculations and turn-by-turn directions.
· Allows users to view their daily or weekly schedules and handles tasks and messaging with the agency.
· Clinical Reference/ Patient Chart: Aides, social workers, chaplains and PTA’s have view-only access to orders, vitals history, charting history, clinical note history, and falls and infections history.
· Aides, social workers, chaplains and PTA’s can document vital signs, care plan charting, and clinical notes.
· PTA’s can document the home exercise program, visit notes, and falls.You can download Netsmart Telehealth app free and can install in your device by going to google play store. Google play suggests that you should not download android apps directly from third-party sources, as they may harm your phone.

APK stands as an abbreviation for Android Package Kit. Android operating system uses its own type of installation format, as like windows softwares have .exe extension. When you download an app from Google play store, it is downloaded and installed in APK format.

You will not see the file directly when you download it from play store. At times you may want to download APK files from other sources directly.

Netsmart Mobile Caregiver application is designed for Caregivers using a Netsmart CareRecord. The caregiver has access to their schedule as well as the required tasks to be completed for the patient. At the same time, the application utilizes GPS based location service to capture Electronic Visit Verification information.

We are continually working on enhancements and stability improvements to bring you a better app experience.

Mobilecare allows for documentation of patient care, as well as collection of information related to when and where patient services are provided. The application is designed for use by healthcare agencies that provide home health aide services to patients in their home setting. Mobilecare also meets guidelines for Electronic Visit Verification, documenting that services are provided for the right patient, at the right place, at the right time.

Netsmart Homecare is a fully-integrated system made for any home healthcare organization to streamline everything from patient intake to documentation to scheduling to billing and beyond. Designed by industry professionals and clinicians, Homecare seamlessly combines business, clinical, scheduling and mobile functionality for multiple lines of business, including home health, hospice and private duty.

With immediate access to vital patient data, notes and care plans, this homecare software provides true interoperability. It enables real-time data exchange with other providers, maximizing care coordination leading to improved outcomes. Netsmart Homecare supports your mission to provide care at home with a complete EHR that best suits your agency for today and tomorrow.


Android application Netsmart Mobile Caregiver developed by Netsmart is listed under category Medical. The current version is 1.11.0 released on 2022-01-12. According to Google Play Netsmart Mobile Caregiver achieved more than 7 thousand installs. Netsmart Mobile Caregiver currently has 87 ratings with average rating value of 3.3

Netsmart Mobile Caregiver application is designed for Caregivers using a Netsmart CareRecord. The caregiver has access to their schedule as well as the required tasks to be completed for the patient. At the same time, the application utilizes GPS based location service to capture Electronic Visit Verification information.

We are currently offering version 1.11.0. This is our latest, most optimized version. It is suitable for many different devices. Free download directly apk from the Google Play Store or other versions we’re hosting. Moreover, you can download without registration and no login required.

Monitor the activity of the hard drives in the systems connected to the local network, in order to detect irregularities or errors



Review by Elizabeta Virlan on May 13, 2015

NET-SMART is a reliable application designed to help you remotely monitor the status of all the systems connected to the local network. The program is lightweight, simple to use and can automatically scan the LAN in order to find available stations. It can easily scan and diagnose the hard drives of the network stations.

Network monitoring tool at close hand

NET-SMART is a suitable solution for all network administrators who wish to constantly monitor the state of the network stations. The program only operates when provided with administrative rights. It runs in the background, keeping an icon in the system tray so you can easily restore the interface. The main window displays the list of systems on the left and the scanning results in the main table.

Alternatively, you can run the application on any system, install it for any user as long as you provide the administrator login credentials. The program also supports if you provide the username that appears on the computers in the workgroup and the afferent password.

Scanning the network for hard drives

NET-SMART can automatically scan the local network to detect the connected stations and analyze the state of the hard drives. You may set it to scan only the computer on which it is installed or search the specified IP range.

The program can return the results of the hard drive analysis as soon as you select one of the available stations from the list. The detected computers can be sorted into categories, based on a preliminary scan: suspect (the hard drive parameters are incorrect), healthy, unavailable (not visible within the network) and S.M.A.R.T. unsupported.

Revealing HDD scan parameters

NET-SMART can read the hard drive parameters from the local monitoring tools and transmit them to your station. It can detect HDD model, size, temperature and raw data regarding power on count and power cycle count. The program returns the name of the parameter and several values: the current, the worst or the threshold.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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