Matching Game 4: Dinosaurs

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Matching Game 4: Dinosaurs

Matching Game 4: Dinosaurs

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Developer’s Description

Flip dinosaur cards in Matching Game 4! Flip any two cards to see if they match. If they do, watch them disappear. Make all the cards disappear to complete a level. Complete 10 levels to win the game! Matching Game 4 has two levels of difficulty with an easy level for younger kids and a hard level that provides greater challenge for older kids. Matching Game 4 helps build early math and language arts skills by sorting and distinguishing between the bright, colorful dinosaurs and prehistoric plants. Download a free trial version of Matching Game 4 that you can use indefinitely! Published by Dataware

Dinosaur Memory Game is a fun kids game that can provide hours of fun as they test and strengthen their memory skills. Thanks to this activity, they can exercise and improve this part of their brain while enjoying all different types of dinosaurs.

The gameplay is really simple and is exactly like the original. In Dinosaur Memory Game, there are forty different levels, each more complicated than the last. Your little ones will have to work their way through each one and improve as they go. The first level has only four cards, with two different types of dinosaurs. The idea is to turn over one card and then another one that matches the first. If you turn over the wrong card you have to try again, attempting to remember the position of each dinosaur to correctly match them.

Enjoy this app with your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren and have fun matching colorful dinosaurs. Over time, their memorization and thinking skills are sure to improve.

This free printable dinosaur matching game is perfect for the dino-loving child in your life! Pick from a classic memory game or challenge your children with a more advanced shadow matching and mirror image matching versions.

My daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs and with every matching game I’ve made. She was so excited when she saw this dino matching game on my computer screen! She could hardly wait for me to print and laminate the cards. I hope your little ones enjoy these dino memory cards as much as mine does.

This post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchases made through links at no additional cost to you.

These cards are multi-purpose and can be used by children of varying ages.

Toddlers can play with them face up as a matching game and older children can play with them face down as a memory game. Combine two or three pages of cards for an even more challenging game!

Memory games have been one of my favorite types of games since I was young. I enjoyed playing them as a child and still enjoy playing with them with my own children. They are not only fun but they are excellent for strengthening a variety of skills that are important for children! This dinosaur memory game. This printable includes multiple kinds of dinosaurs with easy to distinguish cards. Children of all ages will love playing!

Memory games help encourage children to improve their short term memory. That is the purpose of the game, to try and remember where the matches are.

These games can also help children strengthen their ability to pay attention to detail, sort & classify items, and spot the differences between two differences.

All of this is amazing, to fit into one game, but it is the cherry on top of the fact that memory games are FUN!

The description of Dinosaurs Memory App

Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with “Dinosaurs Memory”?

The main features of this free memory game:
✔ Match pairs of cards.
✔ Different levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard.

“Dinosaurs Memory” will develop your cognitive skills like: attention, working memory, visual perception and spatial relation. A free memory game for kids.

The game is a cards matching game coming with colorful images from dinosaurs world. It also has 3 difficulty challenging levels.

Enjoy it and have fun with this memory game for kids.Today I am finishing up my week of dinosaur content with two different fun dinosaur activities for kids.   I have made a set of build-a- dinosaur puzzles and a dinosaur fossil matching game, which we like to set up as dinosaur x-rays, too!

The dinosaur puzzles I made are so cute. My kids loved these!  They have the dinosaurs cut up into parts and you have to assemble them on the mat with the matching name and picture of the dinosaur.

There are four different dinosaurs in this set: Triceratops, T-Rex, Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus.  Each dinosaur is separated into 7 pieces: the head, body, tail and four legs.

Matching Game 4: Dinosaurs in which you have to flip dinosaur cards and match the similar ones. You have to make all the cards disappear in order to complete a level. It helps you build early math and language arts skills by sorting and distinguishing between the bright, colorful dinosaurs and prehistoric plants.

Matching Game 4: Dinosaurs in which you have to flip dinosaur cards and match the similar ones. You have to make all the cards disappear in order to complete a level. It helps you build early math and language arts skills by sorting and distinguishing between the bright, colorful dinosaurs and prehistoric plants.

Description of Dinosaur games – Kids game

Welcome to the Dino adventure park, with all-in-one dinosaur themed baby games. These easy games will help your children explore different educational areas – develop logical thinking and reasoning skills with their favorite dinosaurs. The Paleontologist in your child will enjoy the classic graphics, funny animations, kids music, and realistic sounds.
Run with the mighty T-Rex; fly with the Pterodactyl; and discover other dinosaurs with different unique features. The preschool children will learn skills as well, since all the free games are designed for improving the memory and attention span. Start a fascinating prehistoric adventure in this dinosaur museum, where cartoon dinosaurs come to life.
32 Dinosaur games:
* Mosquito attack: mosquitos are bothering the Dino and you need to just swing the tail and hit the flying insect.
* Classifying: sorting of the dinosaurs as to which ones fly and which ones stay on the land.
* Dress Up: father and child needs to be dressed – learn how to distinguish between big and small, while helping them with their outfit.
* Memory game: find the correct pair of baby Dino within the egg and clean up the field.
* Shapes: learn the basic shapes by matching the Dino with the correct cave.
* Hit-the-Mole: a recreation of the classic game with funny dinosaurs.
* Colors: teach colors to the child, by sorting dinosaurs into the correct colored pipes.
* Ball game: touch the Dino ball and make it jump to eat all fruits.
* Matching game: match the dinosaur with the correct body part of the same Dino.
* Feed the hungry Dino: he knows what he wants to eat, and you need to recognize the vegetable and feed him.
* Dino Wash: use the soap to remove the dirt and then give the dinosaur a shower to make him clean again.
* Carnival game: aim at the dinosaurs and throw the balls to hit them and collect more stars.
* Mathematics: count the number dinosaurs and select the correct answer.
* Run to catch: hurry up and move the dinosaur to collect all the falling fruits.
* Racing game: race with your dinosaur car and avoid all the other vehicles to reach the finish line first.
* Jumping game: jump like a rabbit and reach the end to meet the dinosaur friend safely, without falling into the water.

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