• Trading in the financial market requires both experience and the power to make risky decisions. The market evolution is based on certain algorithms, but relying on prediction and investors’ behavior, the trends are not exact. That is why traders and investors use a lot of software tools to help them understand the dynamics of the financial market and predict future evolutions.

    LunaticTrader is an application that brings together astrology and trend predictions under the same roof, correlating moon phases and lunar cycles with the market evolution to help investors find out the best period of the month when they should invest in their market niche.

    Most of the main window is occupied by a colored chart showing the user the lunar phases and the planetary extremes for the selected time period (a month or a day). For users’ convenience, weekend days are shown in grey, since no trading takes place then.

    To navigate to another month or day, one has to either select the correct period of time in the corresponding drop-down boxes or click directly on the chart. Users should keep in mind that the timezone is also important, as the planetary extremes and the lunar phases are dependent on the location.

    The declination and the latitude cycles are also shown but, since this type of information is less relevant, users can remove them from the chart by ticking the boxes in the left panel.

    LunaticTrader displays intraday charts for the selected timezone, alongside information about the lunar cycles. But knowing how to interpret all this data is the most important thing, so you should take the time to watch the tutorials the application comes with to understand how this works. In essence, the green lines reveal a positive mood when stock prices might rise, while the red period means stock prices should be falling or stagnate.

    With the help of LunaticTrader, users can anticipate weaker and stronger periods of stock markets, and which days present a higher risk of a crash panic.