• Karaoke Surgeon is a neat application specially designed for Karaoke singers and musicians. It can open any video and audio files along with the Karaoke format files like a VCD or CDG file that contains both audio and graphics.

    The UI has all controls needed for managing the loaded files. Multimedia files can be added by drag & drop or by using the “File” tab. Excepting the “Rip” capability, all the other controls can be found in the UI.  There are no other combo menus or tweak menus hidden; everything is out in the open.

    The Rip Button opens a rip dialog window that looks like what is shown on the right. The rip function in VS allows you to rip audio CD’s, CD+G discs, and VCD discs. Once you open the dialog, you should select the location of your CD drive. Once done, VS will auto-detect the type of disc and prepare to rip it.

    Click the Equalizer button below the main controls to open the EQ window. The preamp band is at the far left by itself. Use this to adjust the preamp volume. Below the preamp band, at the bottom left of the Equalizer window, there is a lock icon; click the lock to separate the equalizers for the left and right channels.

    In Karaoke Surgeon, this 31 band EQ comes loaded with more than 60 presets that have been custom-built on an instrument basis.

    The “Tempo” option lets you change the song in 1% increments or .01% increments. Like a key, as a song is playing and you make any change in tempo, you will hear it in real time, and it will be shown here as a percentage change.

    Karaoke Surgeon is a professional tool that can help Karaoke singers to manage their songs and audio/video files in order to quickly and efficiently prepare their shows.