• InTiles Kiosk Software is a reliable security application, designed to transform any PC or touch screen device into a public access Internet kiosk. The program can easily block the access to any functions of the computer/machine except for access to the Internet and particular websites. You can also create a blacklist with restricted links.

    InTiles Kiosk Software is a reliable application, suitable for schools, museums, hotels, libraries and other public information points. Many functions of a regular browser can be disabled: contact downloading or printing and blacklists, restricting the access to various websites can be created.

    InTiles Kiosk Software comes as a Web browser panel, with up to 5 command bars along the sides of the work area. You may add titles and customize up to 40 buttons with various browser functions or bookmarks. Moreover, you can customize the layout of the buttons, by adding text and images to them.

    Not only can you modify the structure of the buttons and their appearance, but you can relocate them and change the background color. InTiles Kiosk Software does not allow you to add a custom address bar, however, you may access any website via Google keywords.

    InTiles Kiosk Software can operate on two alternative browsing engines: Internet Explorer and Chrome; the IE engine offers better support for touch screen kiosk. A digital keyboard automatically appears when running the program on touch screen devices and can also be prompted on PCs. Moreover, the program offers support for multi-language interfaces.

    InTiles Kiosk Software can record any action and save the daily logs into the selected folder. Moreover, you may enable limited sessions, for security reasons, at the end of which cookies, cache and clipboard can be automatically cleared. When the session timer reaches the end of the duration, a new browser instance starts. Inactivity during a session causes the program to go to timeout.