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Interrogator v2.10 is very useful if you want to learn by heart any subject. Interrogator is provided with many topics and files: vocabulary in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian) classified by subject – countries and their capital – English irregular verbs – chemical elements – French departments – multiplications – conjugation. You can modify these provided files. You can also create your own new files then classify them into topics. It is very interesting because you can manage all subjects as you want. You can select the language of the menu: English or French
Interrogation 091 is a free horror mystery game that takes place in a single location. Someone is questioning you, asking you several questions to which you can only answer yes or no. You don’t receive any background information, and you’ll need to work out what’s going on during questioning. Similar games include Type to Continue and Eyes – The Horror Game.As the game progresses, the questions become strange, and you’ll notice odd, creepy movements around you. There’s a dark ending with no explanation, but it will keep you interested along the way. While the visuals are crisp and clear, there aren’t many objects to pay attention to at first.

1: What does the registration key mean?
A registration key is a one-of-a-kind ID generated by the FME Licensing Assistant from system data. It's Safe's way of limiting a single fixed license to a single computer.

2: What is a registration key number?
A registration key is a code of letters and numbers that allows access to one of the many Thomson Reuters products, such as Westlaw, CLEAR, Firm Central, and more.

3: What is the registration key?
Each person will create an individual user account by entering the customer's account number, an online registration key (available from your local dealer), and basic billing and shipping address information. The account administrator will be the first account created.

The interrogation

When you begin playing Interrogation 091, you’ll see a lonely desk with some lighting and two buttons. Someone from behind the dark glass window will explain where you are and show you how to use the buttons.

After you show your understanding of the yes/no system, the questioning begins. You can answer as you wish, and it will take you down a path of further interrogation. However, at some point, you’ll notice something weird happening, which is where the horror mystery aspect appears.

Gameplay elements

The gameplay of Interrogation 091 is incredibly simple. All you need to do at first is answer yes or no. Your responses will determine what is asked next, but the unnatural events that follow will occur no matter what you say. You can then move around near the end to look at the prison cell. It’s a basic design with some interesting graphics and terrifying sound effects.

Short game

You won’t play Interrogation 091 for too long, as it was made in two days for a game jam event. As such, the gameplay is short but still very stimulating. You’ll wish there was more to it, or at least an answer for what happens in the end.

Yes or no?

Interrogation 091 is an interesting game that makes you wonder whether you should answer yes or no. You’ll most likely play it again to see what happens if you answer differently.

The visuals and sound both work towards making you terrified, while there’s a sense of expectation. It’s not a bad game to try out for a quick scare.

Interrogation in Teacher-Student Interaction in Bahasa Indonesia Learning at Elementary School. This
study aimed to describe the form, function, and questioning strategies teachers in teacher-student interrogation in
Bahasa Indonesia learning in elementary school. Data sourced from four teacher of elementary school, SDN
Tamangapa and SD Inpres Tamangapa. Data were obtained by (1) recording, (2) documentation, (3) field notes, (4)
interview. The results showed that: (1) the form of questioning the teacher in the teacher-student interaction in
Bahasa Indonesia learning in primary schools generally examined the low-level thinking skills, (2) functions of
teacher questions are generally intended to check student understanding, and (3) teachers utilize a variety of
strategies in addressing student answers correctly and the apparent hesitation. Some disadvantages are indicated
teachers in providing interrogation.

NoVirusThanks TCP Port Interrogator determines if a specific TCP port range is open or allows for a persistent connection on a remote target.

From the user-friendly GUI, you will be able to efficiently determine if a range of TCP ports are open or not. After entering the target IP address, you can optionally select single ports to scan (comma delimited) and input a range (hyphenated). For example: to scan ports 80, 1080 and 400 through 800 you would input ‘80,1080,400-800’ in no specific order, and it will promptly scan them.

NoVirusThanks TCP Port Interrogator is multi-threaded (up to 256 threads) intended to provide you with quick and reliable target scanning for multiple open TCP/IP ports. Additionally, common or well-known ports can be mapped to their respective port service names. For instance, TCP port 25 will map to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service making it part of the scan result instead of just the port number.



Disk Investigator can display the true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors.

Disk Investigator helps you to discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. Display the true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors.

View and search raw directories, files, clusters, and system sectors. Verify the effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs. Undelete previously deleted files.




The ground-based interrogator, which is mounted on a radar-like rotating structure (and will often be mounted on the same ‘head’ as a primary radar), emits pairs of pulses that trigger a 12-pulse Mode A (code) or Mode C (altitude) response from the aircraft’s transponder.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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