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inPhoto ID PS

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By IDPhotoCapture
inPhoto ID PS is an application for remote camera control and ID photo preparation that works with a wide range of Canon PowerShot cameras, allowing you to automate a good deal of your daily tasks. Supporting an extended set of functions, from live preview to cross-application image capture, it gives you full control over picture quality, and great flexibility in settings adjustment. This is a unique instrument for capturing viable, high-quality ID photos on the go, in line with your specific requirements. Our app will come in handy for everyone who has to handle multiple ID snapshots on a daily basis.

inPhoto ID PS is the application for identification photo preparation which also includes Canon PowerShot camera control functions. It works with some modern models of Canon PowerShot digital cameras allowing to control them from PC remotely and to perform ID photo preparation based on captured images.

Main features

Remote shooting

  • inPhoto ID PS remotely controls your Canon PowerShot camera and captures snapshots to your PC;

Identification (ID) photo preparation

  • Fully automatic face detection;
  • Automatic crop based on detected face area and crop settings;

Live preview

  • allows selecting the best view before shooting, controlling picture quality, and verifying current shooting settings in run-time;

Face detection on live preview

  • allows control of crop frame before capturing right on live image from camera preview, you may control position just before capturing and get excellent results from the first time;

TWAIN image capture

  • allows transfer prepared identification (ID) photos and acquired images via TWAIN protocol directly to necessary applications – Adobe Photoshop, ID Works, CardFive, EPISuite, and any other that support TWAIN protocol, including your own application;

Save to file

  • allows you to save acquired images to file and set desired file name and folder automatically or manually;

Captured image enhancement

  • inPhoto ID PS allows adjusting image brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness;
  • Resize the result image in accordance with your requirements

Image rotation

  • both live preview and snapshots can be rotated manually by 90 degrees;


  • Exclusive and only one solution for remote capture and control of Canon PowerShot modern compact digital cameras. Fine quality and full control of camera settings.
  • Crop frame on live preview simplifies and speeds up the process of making ID photos.
  • TWAIN interface support extends your other applications to work with your Canon PowerShot camera.
    • With the inPhoto ID PS TWAIN driver all the supported Canon PowerShot cameras are directly controlled from all the TWAIN compatible applications.
    • The images are captured directly to the third-party applications without a need to save intermediate file or to use the clipboard.
    • The processes of batch photo processing, identification card preparation, and facial recognition now become much easier and more productive with the inPhoto ID PS TWAIN driver.
  • Intuitive, straightforward, and user friendly interface.
    • inPhoto ID PS identification photography and camera control software is easy to learn and use.
    • All the controls you need to capture images are located on the single screen.
  • Familiar functions you have used working with a camera.
    • inPhoto ID PS has the same names of the functions of Canon PowerShot Camera. You will have to spend no time learning how to use remote control of your camera via inPhoto ID PS application.
  • Fast software operation.
    • Capturing an image to TWAIN compatible application or to a file on disk takes a few seconds (capturing speed depends on the selected image resolution and camera model);
    • Face detection algorithm works without a noticeable delay.
  • Reliable, professional, and on-time technical support.
  • Stable, extensively tested, and continuously improved product.

inPhoto ID PS is designed for automatic ID photo with Canon Powershot camerasinPhoto ID PS provides camera control, live image preview, automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, image resizing and enhancement, capture, save or transfer to TWAIN applications.

inPhoto ID PS software can work both as stand alone software and as TWAIN driver with all TWAIN compatible ID card applications (Incardex, Asure ID, ID Works, EPISuite, CardFive, ID Flow and others).

inPhoto ID PS software is designed for automatic ID photography with Canon Powershot cameras. inPhoto ID PS provides full camera control, live image preview, automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, image enhancement, capture, save or transfer.inPhoto ID PS software can work both as stand alone software and as TWAIN driver with all TWAIN compatible ID card applications (Incardex, Asure ID, ID Works, EPISuite, CardFive, ID Flow and others).
– Image rotation: manual by 90 degrees.
– Automatic face detection on live image in the preview window.
– Automatic face crop after detection.
– Photo enhancement if necessary.
– Photo resizing if necessary. NEW!
– Image export to the applications supporting TWAIN.
– Save ID photo to file: the cropped, enhanced and resized photo is saved to file on the computer disk.

Free Download inPhoto ID PS full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It is an automatic ID photo with Canon Powershot cameras.

Overview of inPhoto ID PS

It is designed for automatic ID photos with Canon Powershot cameras. This program provides camera control, live image preview, automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, image resizing and enhancement, capture, save or transfer to TWAIN applications.

This software can work as stand-alone software and as a TWAIN driver with all TWAIN compatible ID card applications (Incardex, Asure ID, ID Works, EPISuite, CardFive, ID Flow, and others). All Canon SLR camera settings changes affect the previewed photo immediately.

Features of inPhoto ID PS

  • Live image preview, and Image rotation
  • Automatic face detection on live image in the preview window
  • Face crop and enhancement after detection
  • Camera settings control from computer
  • Image export to the applications supporting TWAIN. Time lapse capture option
  • Save ID photo to file: the cropped photo is save to file on the computer disk. Time lapse capture option
  • Ability to work as TWAIN driver
  • Ability to work as stand alone application
  • Save all settings to User profiles

inPhoto ID Webcam offers a mature and powerful suite of tools for managing and editing the input of a modern webcam, including high-definition (HD) devices. With its innovative facial detection engine, inPhoto ID Webcam is the perfect tool to create ID photo facial portraits suitable for identification images of employees, guests, students, clients, pupils, visitors, or more. Operating on all webcam protocols on the market today, including those used by popular web cameras such as Logitech and Microsoft, the inPhoto ID Webcam program gives a user a great deal of control over the presentation and settings of a photograph at every stage from initial capture through production.

With inPhoto ID Webcam, you receive more than an interface for your webcamera. inPhoto ID Webcam is a full suite of utilities for every stage of digital ID photography. This suite offers superior performance and ease of use to similar products, making inPhoto ID Webcam a powerful but cost-effective tool for computer imaging, and an ideal solution for your business or workplace.

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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