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Hire Smart Predictive Recruiting Software

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By Sobesoft

An innovative new approach to recruiting great employees: Why do great organizations hire the best and the brightest employees? Because they know that these employees will make great decisions that will help the organization grow and prosper. Why not give all of your hiring managers and recruiters a tool that makes it easier for them to hire great employees for your company. Hire Smart Analytics is a crowd-based tool every organization needs to make unbiased and smart hiring decisions using the proprietary our smart hiring protocal called Hiring Optimization Protocal (HOM). What is the Hiring Optimization Protocal (HOM) Hiring Optimization Methodology (HOM) is a 12-step proprietary recruiting methodology developed by Sobesoft. This methodology was used to develop Hire Smart Analytics. 1. Identify each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in a clear and concise manner. 2. Assess each candidate’s qualifications in a systematic manner across multiple variables. 3. Extract personal bias out of the hiring process. 4. Maintain a consistent hiring methodology throughout each organization. 5. Assess each candidate based on its overall viability. 6. Assess vulnerabilities of each candidate based on critical success factors that matter to the organization. 7. Place a quantitative value on the overall viability of each candidate and on each critical success factor so each candidate can be measured against other candidates over time. 8. Review critical success factors to determine the vulnerabilities of each candidate and identify problem areas that could be “show stoppers” for an organization. 9. Create clear “Yes” “No” criteria for all organizational candidates. 10. Document every candidate analysis and track every organizational candidate over time. 11. Review cumulative organizational candidate assessments regularly in order to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement in the organization’s hiring process. 12. Periodically adjust hiring processes in order to address identified organizational vulnerabilities

Predict which candidates will become the best hires

The human condition has always been fascinated with predicting outcomes. It is therefore no surprise that when we talk about success in hiring, we can use that same fascination (and luckily, science) to predict what would be the best hires.

Predictive hiring is effectively predictive analytics. Using a body of data, smart algorithms and assessment tools to help predict who would be the best candidates for hire is where predictive hiring differs from more traditional methods.

By using the latest technologies to help with your recruitment needs, you are selecting candidates with the best assessment data for effective hiring. You are taking the guesswork out of recruitment and that can only be a good thing.

Traditional recruitment has relied on a CV, an interview and a “gut feel” – there is a better way. CV’s can be polished, interviewees could either do really well or really poorly in a meeting. But data, analytics and assessment tools make the recruitment process not only easier but more effective in selecting candidates that are right for your business.

  1. Have you made a hiring decision that has left you regretting the choice you made?
  2. Do you trust data and analytics to help you with your hiring choices?

    Notify candidates about the latest job opportunities across varying platforms, including social media



    Appeal to top talent by enhancing candidate experiences and strengthening your branding



    Identify the right candidate promptly and connect with them before another employer does



    Experience hassle-free interview, hiring and onboarding processes with AI-based features.


    Plug into seamless hiring from start to finish

    Talent teams are under huge pressure to hire the best talent fast. They must work across different systems, streamline manual routines, and collect and analyze data, all while meeting top-level hiring priorities.

    Reimagine your hiring process with flexible, easy-to-integrate technology and advanced selection science designed for better outcomes – for your team, for your candidates, and for your organization.  

    Modern Hire’s platform combines advanced video interview software, pre-hire assessments, predictive analytics, and validated AI in one ready-to-implement solution.

    • Built for everyone in the process

      Focus on talent, not tasks, with candidate self-scheduling, on-demand interactions, structured interviews, and automated scoring, reducing fill time as much as three weeks.

      Decide when they want to engage and get to showcase job-relevant skills, with 98% of candidates reporting a satisfying experience.

      Hiring managers
      Have confidence in a consistent, fair, and data-driven process with tools proven to reduce bias more than 70%.

      A data-driven solution for Quality of Hire

      89% of all mis-hires happen because of a soft skills mismatch. Searchlight collects and analyzes candidates’ strengths, working styles and growth areas through the people who know them best — their references.

      Our insights-driven feedback loop connects talent data to outcomes, so you get a complete view of what success looks like at your organization.

      Automatic CV screening without your presence

      Forget about manual data entry into spreadsheets. When you receive a CV in your mailbox, it is automatically imported to your candidate database and its content is organized into well-arranged categories.

      Your source of truth for every candidate relationship. Track each touchpoint in the talent acquisition funnel and drive better decisions with predictive analytics.

      A unified solution for the entire TA lifecycle

      Whether it’s solving your recruiting problems today or planning for tomorrow, we’re here to help you deliver better results and improve business outcomes. Hover over the icons to learn more.

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2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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