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FuzzyDupes .Net

FuzzyDupes .NET is the computation kernel of FuzzyDupes Desktop Application. Through the DotNet assembly you can integrate this duplicate search into your applications with ease and you will get the same search results and performance as with the desktop version. It processes the data in memory and implements an intelligent procedure of Pattern-Matching, excellent in quality, selectivity and performance. With Trigramm or Hash-index, the assembly finds small and reliable clusters in the first step. Then, highly optimized pattern matching algorithms test the records for similarity

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Duplicate records in databases do not only cause high costs, they can also lead to many other problems. Not least when consolidating different data inventories, e.g. during fusion or adding value from acquired data, the duplicate search is an indispensable and critical business process. This is, why data quality more and more becomes a significant value for every business.

Fuzzy Duplicate Search

When searching for such duplicate records, you must distinguish between sharp (with exact accordance) and similar duplicates.

Grouping for exact matches is something, what any DBMS can do in seconds.

On the other hand is the detection of similar records something, that can be hardly achieved and what is computationally intensive. This only succeeds with specialized tools. A problem is, that without the capable methods you cannot even estimate, in which dimension such duplicates exist in your data. You just can’t see it.

On the Search for similar Records

Over years, phonetic algorithms (e.g. SoundEx) are used to find what sounds similar. This approach already brings up some results, which go beyond any sharp comparison. Thereby permutations of the strings (like twisting and mirroring) stay unconsidered and a too strong emphasis is layed upon the first letter.

Much better is the use of pattern-matching algorithms (e.g. Levenshtein Distance). Such algorithms can consider permutations, but are highly calculation cost intensive.

So another problem is the total running time of the calculation: When using pattern-matching algorithms, in principle each record must be compared with each other. This means for n records the total number of (n – 1) * n / 2 comparisons. That are ½ trillion (1012) complex calculations for a datatable with 1 million records. The calculation could last for years.

The FuzzyDupes Method

The FuzzyDupes method was developed within 9 years by now, completely and originally done by Kroll-Software. The calculation kernel contains more than 7.000 lines of code.

FuzzyDupes makes use of a Trigram-Hashidex for building clusters. This is a mathematical exact and reliable way to preselect good candidates for the deeper search, which does not depend on phonetical algorithms. The deep search pattern-matching algorithm was also developed by Kroll-Software and it can better consider all permutations than any other known algorithm.

All used algorithms are based completely on pattern-matching and are therefore language- and culture independent. Unicode is fully supported and so this works not only with latin characters. It is mathematically verifiable, that all similarities are detected consistently and reliably.

FuzzyDupes 2020 uses parallel Execution and 64-bit

The two critical resources for the duplicate search application are memory usage and calculation time.

With large data tables, the process has a high demand on RAM, which can only be allocated on 64-bit systems. 32-bit systems can only address a maximum of 2,4 gigabyte of memory.

We put in much development effort to parallelize the algorithms and unleash the power of modern multi-core cpu’s. FuzzyDupes scales very good with the number of cores.FuzzyDupes:NET allows you to extend your DotNet application with a fuzzy duplicate search function. This functionality will increase the worth of your application distinctly and it will be a new exclusive feature against your competitors. Most …

FuzzyDupes:NET Publisher’s Description

FuzzyDupes:NET allows you to extend your DotNet application with a fuzzy duplicate search function. This functionality will increase the worth of your application distinctly and it will be a new exclusive feature against your competitors. Most of your users will benefit from this. FuzzyDupes:COM processes the data in memory and implements an intelligent procedure of Pattern-Matching, excellent in quality, selectivity and performance. 30.000 addresses can be processed in about 20 seconds. Even with 1 Mio. records are done in an acceptable amount of time on a standard PC. FuzzyDupes:NET considers all possible permutations of string-data and is suitable not only for address data. FuzzyDupes:NET does not depend on a particular DBMS. The data is delivered in a System.Data.DataTable and you get the results back in the same form. This all is done with just one function call. Another function provides you with more options for the search. The FuzzyDupes-Technique was developed and optimized over a period of 5 years. The .NET Assembly was written in pure C#. Our Fuzzy Duplicate Search has best references and is already used by many customers. The license alows you to use this component on a sigle computer. Multiple licenses are available. If you want to redistribute this component, please contact Kroll-Software.

FuzzyDupes’ goal is to help you remove duplicate entries from databases. Using the application is a fairly straightforward matter. Just connect to a database, let the application analyze it, view a list of duplicates, check the duplicates you want to remove.

The system requirements for running FuzzyDupes are: any Windows edition, .NET Framework 4.0 or newer, enough free RAM memory to be able to access large databases. You can easily install FuzzyDupes on your machine and use the application for free for a trial period of 30 days.

There two means of customizing the application’s interface. First up, you can customize it by choosing one of two supported languages: English and German. Next up, you can customize the interface by picking one of several interface styles: Studio 2010, Standard, Vista (silver), Windows 7 (black), and more. Not only is the interface customizable, it is also quite easy to use.

To enjoy FuzzyDupes’ functionality, you must first connect to a database. A New Project wizard will help you with that task. You will be able to connect to any of the following data sources: MS-Access database, MS SQL-Server database, MS-Excel table, Text/CSV file, MS-Outlook contacts, Windows address-book, Windows contacts, SharePoint Server, BulkMailer addresses, other databases (ODBC/OleDB). Once connected to a data source, you can analyze it, uncover duplicates, and delete said duplicates.

Easily connect to any database you want, quickly uncover duplicates in that database, and efficiently remove the duplicates. That’s the wonderful functionality FuzzyDupes puts at your disposal.

The system requirements for running FuzzyDupes are quite low. The application’s interface provides support for multiple languages and multiple styles. Said interface is quite easy to use. Numerous data sources are supported; a wizard will help you connect to any data source you want. Use FuzzyDupes to scan databases, uncover duplicates, and remove duplicate entries.

Clean up entire databases of duplicate entries with an automated search algorithm that generates results in the blink of an eye, save reports and more



Review by Mircea Dragomir on February 4, 2015

Having to work on a daily basis with similar files, text or other items, most likely ends up with at least a duplicate entry at the end of the day, be it for simple backup purposes. When it comes to text, it’s used not only by editors, but are also the main method of storing items in a database, which can stand for anything that needs to be recorded. This is where FuzzyDupes wants to help out by searching through databases in order to remove duplicate entries.

Can target various database types

The application’s set of features is suitable for office work, but since it’s only able to load local TXT/CSV files, it’s better of performing database searches. Truth be told, databases are its strong point, with an impressive array of sources you can pick, such as Excel tables, Access, SQL-Server database, Windows, Outlook contacts, or options to manually specify the path and type to connect to, such as ODBC or OleDB.

Automatically finds duplicate entries

This is all done in the initial project setup screen, which takes you through a series of steps to configure special and duplicate fields to look up, as we ll as normalization methods to make work easier later on. Worry not, because any of these changes can be accessed again at any given moment.

Issuing a search process is not really what you might expect, with no fields to type in specific words to look up. The application uses automated algorithms based on cluster and duplicates threshold to either find similar entries or all records with the same tag.

Quickly provides feedback

Results are generated in a jiffy, with the total number displayed and an option to view only a certain amount for an easier initial approach. Entries are stored in a well-organized table fitted with multiple columns, depending on the number of items found. Line is also displayed, which comes in handy for looking through programming code.

Easy removal and export options

If you want to look for custom words, it’s only possible after detection of duplicates. An integrated search engine lets you easily locate either an exact piece of text or as much of it as possible. Cleaning up the list is easily done by selecting entries to remove. You can take you time and manually pick, or simply select all of them at once.

You can gather up various data according to available columns. It’s possible to create a list for later processing if you’re not really sure whether or not they need to be deleted. In terms of exporting, you can print out data on a sheet of paper via a connected printer, or export to TXT and CSV files.

On an ending note

All things considered, we can safely state that FuzzyDupes is a practical utility to keep around if you’re in charge of handling constantly updating and changing databases. It saves you the trouble of manually scrolling through dozens of entries to spot duplicates by applying advanced algorithms to instantly detect them and letting you deal with entries in the way you see fit.

This software program has some key features like: Notebly higher power and speed through parallel execution and 64-bit,
Thereby practically unlimited size of data searchable,
Full usage of modern Core-iX cpu’s and 64-bit systems,

Publisher: Kroll-Software
License: Demo
Price: USD $487.62
Filesize: 2.0 MB
Date Added: 05/04/2012

This software program has some key features like: Notebly higher power and speed through parallel execution and 64-bit,<br /> Thereby practically unlimited size of data searchable,<br /> Full usage of modern Core-iX cpu’s and 64-bit systems,<br /> Uses DotNet 4.0 Framework with Parallel Extensions,<br /> Display of the match-factor in the results,<br /> Support of MS-Access and MS-Excel data sources even on 64-bit systems,<br /> The new 32-bit launcher offers access to 32-bit data sources on 64-bit system.

PCWin Note: FuzzyDupes.NET Demo 7.0 download version indexed from servers all over the world. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software available for download on the Internet. PCWin free download center makes no representations as to the content of FuzzyDupes.NET Demo version/build 7.0 is accurate, complete, virus free or do not infringe the rights of any third party. PCWin has not developed this software FuzzyDupes.NET Demo and in no way responsible for the use of the software and any damage done to your systems. You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data and equipment used in connection with using software FuzzyDupes.NET Demo.

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