Find Broken Links for Microsoft Excel

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Find Broken Links for Microsoft Excel

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By Add-in Express

With Find Broken Links for Microsoft Excel you can quickly find and fix broken links and references in your worksheets. The found links are displayed on the add-in pane in a convenient tree view. You can easily track the links to other workbooks, edit the found entries or open the location of the linked files.

There can be hundreds of external references in your table. Use the Find Broken links add-in to: – See all links at a glance on the add-in pane – Navigate to the linking cells in your table – Search for all or only broken links – Open the location of the linked file from the add-in pane – Instantly choose the correct location, folder or workbook your links refer to – Change the referenced path on the pane to apply the update to the entire table – Edit the spreadsheet names and cell addressesAre non-working links causing havoc to your worksheets? Do not worry! This tutorial will teach you 3 easy ways to find and fix broken Excel links, plus our own one-click solution as an extra bonus 🙂

Excel cells may often link to other workbooks to pull relevant information from there. When a source workbook gets deleted, relocated, or damaged, external references to that file break down and your formulas start returning errors. Obviously, to fix the formulas, you need to find broken links. The question is how? The answers follow below 🙂

To detect non-working links to other workbooks, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Data tab, in the Queries &Connections group, click the Edit Links button.

    Broken Links Checker for Excel

    Find invalid links in your worksheets

    This add-in scans your current sheet for broken external references. All found links are displayed on the add-in pane, so you can comfortably review them and open a reference source right away. You can also edit and fix your Excel links directly on the pane to guarantee flawless master worksheets.

    Find Broken Links in Excel (4 Quick Methods)

    While working with Microsoft Excel, it’s a common scenario to find some broken links in the data. There are a few simple reasons behind this problem and we can fix these broken links easily once we can find them. In this article, you’ll learn different suitable methods to search and fix the broken links in Excel with short examples and quick explanations.

    What Are Broken Links in Excel?

    Our Excel sheets may contain different data or codes linked to the other workbooks. If any of the existing workbook paths or names are changed then the links will not function properly in the active workbook. Those links are known as ‘Broken Links’. But we have also options to fix these broken links and connect them to the correct sources.

    3 Ways To Find And Fix All Excel Broken Links

    Amy Dennis

    Excel broken links are one of the common issues confronted while working on a spreadsheet. Working on the spreadsheet and getting things stuck at this point is quite an issue when it comes to meeting the deadlines for work. Reasons for these broken links maybe a deleted or moved file that was once connected to the spreadsheet in one or another way.

    The hurdle faced by users is finding the broken links in excels and then getting a prompt solution for fixing the broken links in excel efficiently. The error pop-up on the screen showcasing this issue is never welcomed.

    Fix Broken Links for Excel will help you to find and fix broken links in Microsoft Excel linked files.

    Why is it necessary?

    For example, you have a sales report of your company’s branches which includes the data for calculation taken from several workbooks stored in the shared folders on your employees’ computers or your company’s server.

    Let’s image that someone has renamed or ported one of the original files. As a result, your report cannot be compiled because formulas in the final table use broken links to the table-sources.

    Fix Broken Links for Excel can easily solve the challenge of fixing the links.


    Program Features:


    • Search for documents with the broken links
      Fix Broken Links for Excel will find the documents with broken links appeared in the result of copying, moving or renaming the file. The results of the search will be presented as a convenient and comprehensive report.
    • Fixing broken links
      Fix Broken Links for Excel restores the broken links to files. After fixing them, you will be provided with a report enumerating a list of files with fixed links as well as a list of the files where the links can not be restored with the connected parts missing. The program has a special mode of marking the files using which you can quickly restore broken links in the documents which you have to frequently move from one computer to another.
    • Transferring or copying linked documents to another location
      Fix Broken Links for Excel will transfer the linked documents to a specified folder (location – folder, device, etc) saving all links. This function is particularly useful for those who work with the same documents, for example on their PC and notebook.
    • Work with files stored on web-sites and SharePoint servers
      With the help of HTTP protocol, Fix Broken Links for Excel can work with remote documents in the same way as with local ones. This opportunity allows you to download documents directly from a web-site or SharePoint server. Copying the linked documents from SharePoint server by means of Fix Broken Links for Excel, you automatically save all links in them.

      A reliable and powerful Excel add-on that helps you seamlessly find and fix any broken or missing links found in Excel spreadsheets

      Fix Broken Links for Excel


      Review by Andrei Fercalo on March 21, 2014

      Broken links can lead to disaster, especially when you have a public presentation and you moved some Excel files on a flash drive. The original path of your links does not correspond to the current one, thus leading to errors.

      Fix Broken Links for Excel is a handy add-on that can help you solve these problems. The application finds and fixes any broken or misleading links in Excel spreadsheets.

      In order to function properly, the application needs Microsoft Excel and .Net Framework installed on your computer.

      Dependable broken link finder

      The program finds any missing links by trying to open all the links in a Excel worksheet, in order to test the response. Those that fail to open are fixed, then displayed in the report file, which contains all the fixed and broken links.

      This way, you can easily fix any broken links that may occur during the renaming, moving or deletion of a file, because the path of this documents changes, whilst the link to them does not update.

      The application has a particular mode of marking the links that can be easily restored from the ones that cannot be repaired, mainly to let you know which files have been deleted or do not exist on the current computer, thus making any attempt to link them impossible.

      Furthermore, you can transfer or copy linked documents to another location, as the application will recreate the links between them. This function comes in handy for people that work on the same documents from multiple computers.

      A powerful link repair tool

      Fix Broken Links for Excel can help you check the consistency of your files, by finding and restoring any broken links that may appear during the moving or deletion of an Excel spreadsheet.

    Install a license key using a registration key file?

    1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
    2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
    3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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