• FileMeNow is a reliable and user-friendly software solution designed to offer you the proper tools to store all your relevant data into categories, so you can easily find it when you have to work with it, without having to spend too much time browsing through endless folders or cabinets.

    Following a basic installation process, you can launch the application and begin working with it. It runs either in full screen or in a small, non-resizable window.

    It features a straight-forward interface, using a tree view mode to display all the file ‘Nodes’ that you create, while the buttons on the toolbar enable you to access its main functions, namely ‘Scan’, ‘Import’, ‘Search’, ‘Backup’, ‘Restore’, ‘Email’ and ‘FTP’.

    FileMeNow lets you add as many ‘Centres’ as you need, which will serve as the top-most category for your documents, allowing you to insert ‘Nodes’ as well as sub-nodes in each one, in order to better manage vast numbers of documents more efficiently and be able to quickly locate them when in need.

    The program lets you import documents from your computer, be it in the form of files or folders, adding them to a ‘Node’ along with several details, such as ‘Node Information’ (‘Name’, ‘Node Description’), ‘Contact Information’ (‘Email Address’, ‘Mobile Number’, ‘Telephone Number’) and ‘Address Information’. Additionally, you will need to select one of the previously created categories, and assign the item various tags for easier identification.

    Moreover, FileMeNow supports all file formats, regardless of their type. Also, you have the possibility of adding supplementary extensions to the existing list. You can view the files right inside the interface of the utility or using your default software. A handy feature is the ability to send a specific file or several of them via email to other people, or uploaded to a FTP account, in just a few clicks.

    To conclude, FileMeNow is a useful and efficient application whose main purpose is to offer you the means of thoroughly organizing your numerous documents, enabling you to quickly find and access them whenever you need.