• Data security is of utmost importance these days, especially in the context of an ever-growing “pool” of various malware. However, another very important aspect is data storage and recovery in unwanted event of a loss and although there is a multitude of apps specifically designed for data recovery, finding the right one can be a real struggle. ENC Recovery will allow its users to scan removable drives for deleted files and recover them with ease.

    The app comes packed with a minimalist interface that puts emphasis on the file detection and the process behind that, more than on the actual aesthetics. Recovery is provided only for files that have been stored on removable drives.

    This could be seen as a potential drawback, especially since users might accidentally delete files on their local drives.

    Having selected a preferred external drive, users will be able to perform a scan for detecting the recoverable files. The process is neatly accompanied by a graphical confirmation bar, together with a time estimate.

    What is lacking, apart many other features is some form of assessment for the state of the files that are available for recovery. Although not standard on other similar apps, this feature could allow users to have a degree of insight into their chances of recovering the said files.

    Not too complex, not extremely basic, ENC Recovery is an application that offers standard recovery features for lost files on removable drives. Featuring a really basic demeanor and simple handling, it might be a good recovery tool for novices or those who seek out a fast and effective way of dealing with lost files.