Duplicate Audio Finder (32-bit)

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Duplicate Audio Finder (32-bit)

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By 3delite
Duplicate Audio Finder (32-Bit) is a utility for scanning your computer and finding duplicate copies of your audio files. Duplicate Audio Finder will find audio files that are an exact copy of each other but also can compare audio files by content and give a match for audio files that have different resolutions, bit rate or format but contain the same audio. It finds duplicate audio files that have the same content, matching audio files are displayed in groups, preview matching audio files and their ID3v1, ID3v2, APE Tag and Vorbis comments information and album cover pictures (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF), and deletes audio files that are not needed.

Duplicate Audio Finder is a great utility program for finding duplicate copies of Audio files on your computer. The program scans your computer for the audio files that are an exact copy of each other.

Besides, it also compares audio files by Content, resolutions, bit rate, or format but contains the same audio. Duplicate File Finder is also capable of scanning MP4 video files with AAC audio tracks – the AAC audio tracks will be compared that’s usually enough to compare the video files as well.

Download 3delite duplicate audio finder free latest version for windows 7 & Windows 10. Get offline installer setup direct high-speed download link of 3delite duplicate audio finder for windows 32-64bit PC. Great duplicate finder tool that removes all duplicate audio files from your computer hard drive.

3delite Duplicate Audio Finder Download Overview 2022

3delite duplicate audio finder is a handy application that allows you to remove all duplicate mp3 files from your computer hard drive. It scans your computer hard drive in order to find out duplicate audio files.

During scanning, 3delite analyzes & compares their attributes like Artist, File Size, Titles, Tags, different resolutions, bit rate, etc.


It has a simple user-friendly interface, all important features are displayed at the top navigation. Anyone can easily use this software to find out and remove duplicate audio files from a hard disk.

This program also supports multi-threading, by which you can still able to identify similar audio files if they are not stored with the same Title or if they have different file size.


Duplicate Audio Finder is a simple to use tool, capable of scanning your entire system, in order to find audio files that are exact copies of each other. It analyzes audio files and compares artist names, titles, tags and sizes.

Finding audio clones

Duplicate Audio Finder can help you identify the song clones and remove them in order to clean space on your computer and avoid confusion about file locations. I can easily find duplicate files that feature the same artist name, same title, same audio tag or same content.

The software supports multi-thread processing, thus being capable to identify song copies even if they do not have the same title or same size.

Displaying the dupes

The software can search through the default music folders, through specific directories or it can scan the entire system. The results of the search, meaning those audio files that are clones, are listed in the dedicated area, along with data about duration, path, size, bit rate or artist name.

The application can also read audio tags and display the data in the correspondent tabs. ID3v1, APE, MP4, Ogg or WMA tags are some of the types of metadata that the software can identify. It can easily compare two or more files based in this kind of information and accurately determine if their contents are identical or not.

Listen, analyze, delete

You can select one of the files from the search results list and play it right from Duplicate Audio Finder. Additionally, the software can display audio file information, album art work and playback progression.

You can delete all the identified duplicates or select and remove the files individually. Moreover, you can adjust the searching criteria, such as supported audio formats, comparing playtime, or the tolerated difference. All these parameters are designed to adjust the accuracy of the comparison and accepted margin.


Duplicate Audio Finder is a simple to use, yet powerful searching engine, capable of identifying audio files that are exact copies of each other. The software can perform advanced file comparison, in order to find clone files and display them, so that you can analyze and delete them if you should so choose.


Duplicate Music Files Finder

Duplicate Music Files Finder is a simple yet very effective program that lets you find duplicate copies of any music or audio file you want. It will let you know if the files are of high quality or not, so you can decide if you want to download them or not. This Windows Lcibrossolutions program is the best tool I’ve come across when dealing with music applications. It’s a very reliable, easy to use and efficient software that lets you know whether your copies are of good quality or not.

Duplicate Music Files Finder works well with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It lets you quickly identify duplicate files, locate them by their file names, play them and even give you the choice to erase any of them. The software utilizes intelligent search techniques so that it should not take long to look through your entire music file collection.

It also comes with some other cool features like creation of playlists, hiding of duplicate files and also the option to choose from several conversion options. You can convert them to MP3, iPod, AVI, WMA and many other formats. Duplicate Music Files Finder is available in the Internet for a relatively reasonable price of $15. It comes with a comprehensive manual that gives you tips and instructions on how to use the Duplicate Music Files Finder software. This Windows Lcibrossolutions program is not difficult to use and is really great value for money.


Download 3delite Duplicate MP4 Video and Audio Finder latest full version offline complete setup for Windows. 3delite Duplicate MP4 Video and Audio Finder full version is a powerful, handy utility for scanning your computer and finding duplicate copies of your MP4, MKV, and some standard format video and MP4 audio files. 3delite Duplicate MP4 Video and Audio Finder Review Duplicate MP4 Video & Audio Finder will find video and audio files that are an exact copy of each other and can compare files by content. This lightweight application comes with stunning tools that optimize the workflow. it comes with rich Read More …

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