• DalGenie is a comprehensive and useful software solution geared toward users who need to generate DAL source code (Data Access Layer) from XML files.

    Before using DalGenie, you need to make sure that the input and the output rooth paths are specified correctly. This changes can be performed from the Settings window. After that, you can easily navigate to the File menu and open a new document that contains the proper configurations.

    The main window of DalGenie enables you to view the structure of the currently opened file, along with its structure and variables. Still, you can add your owns by accessing the proper buttons from the main toolbar.

    The left panel allows you to view the properties of each selected variable such as data type, dependency, array length and title, to name a few. This way, you can easily modify the values for each field.

    What’s more, in case you want to preview the list that contains all the available structures and bites, you can navigate to the right panel. It displays the type and the name for each item you are interested in.

    The Node menu allows you to insert new temporary variables, add write-back relationships, as well as delete the selected tree node. Key shortcuts are also available for each action so you can ease your work.

    The Output window, located in the bottom pane of the application allows you to view if any errors appeared when opening a new file, inserting variables and generating the proper DAL source code.

    Still, in case the file is too large to construct, you can use specific functions such as WriteFileHeader, WriteDataRec, SolveInsideRef that will write the file in several steps.

    Considering all of the above, DalGenie comes in handy for users who need to quickly generate DAL source code from XML files.