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Copernic Summarizer

Copernic Summarizer

1: What does the registration key mean?
A registration key is a one-of-a-kind ID generated by the FME Licensing Assistant from system data. It's Safe's way of limiting a single fixed license to a single computer.

2: What is a registration key number?
A registration key is a code of letters and numbers that allows access to one of the many Thomson Reuters products, such as Westlaw, CLEAR, Firm Central, and more.

3: What is the registration key?
Each person will create an individual user account by entering the customer's account number, an online registration key (available from your local dealer), and basic billing and shipping address information. The account administrator will be the first account created.
This easy-to-use software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating a concise summary of any document or Web page, so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information. Using sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms, Copernic Summarizer pinpoints key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences, resulting in a summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text.

Copernic’s easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information.

Using sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms, it pinpoints the key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences, resulting in a Web site or document summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text.

Some text are just too long to long to be fully read, even if they might contain important information on a topic. Copernic Summarizer is a useful piece of software that can help you optimally combine text content with size. It allows you to extract certain base ideas from a text, in order to reduce its size, whilst maintaining reliable content.

The application provides you with an efficient way of reducing text size, in order to summarize its content and keep only the important and essential lines. You can choose the length of the output text, along with several keywords, as the program will try to scan for important headlines and keyphrases and shorten your original text to a desired length, whilst still maintaining relevant content.

Furthermore, you can reduce your text by a certain percentage, instead of word length. By doing so, you are able to precisely reduce the size of a text in half or quarter, and still be able to display relevant data about the subject discussed in your document.

Copernic Summarizer allows you to compress large texts into several essential sentences, based on several keywords and a user-defined output text size. After a text has been processed, you are able to modify it, so that any mistakes can be removed. For instance, you can easily delete sentences that should not belong in the resulting shortened text in just a couple of clicks.

Aside from this, you can quickly print or save as TXT, HTML, or XML, depending on its intended use, whether a document for your presentations or an explanatory text on your tutorials or webpages.

To sum it up, Copernic Summarizer can help you reduce the size of your texts, whilst managing to summarize only the relevant content for your whole documents. Its filtering engine can easily be optimized to remove unnecessary or irrelevant text, with the help of keywords and word limitation.

 Copernic Summarizer is no longer available for download or purchase since October 1st 2015. Copernic will continue to support Copernic Summarizer until April 30th, 2016.

Copernic Summarizer 2.1 is a program to try and automate one of the most tedious jobs of any professional, and for many they always have to read large quantities of text to get the main points and a summary of the context.

And this is where you use this Copernic Summarizer 2.1 application, to recognize large texts (including PDFs) and identify the key concepts. It will then generate a summary containing the most relevant information.

This Copernic Summarizer 2.1 program can integrate the results into applications such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, Outlook Express, Eudora, Microsoft Word, and Outlook. It is also very easy to download, install and then use, through its friendly and intuitive user interface. You don’t need any technical experience at all to get the most out of it.

So there you have it. If you want to automate the business of getting the salient points from any text, then you need a program like this Copernic Summarizer 2.1. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?


  • Produces document summary reports for text contents by processing documents, Web pages, hyperlinks, email messages and other files.
  • Can summarize a document from a file without opening it (Drag & Drop command allowed).
  • Can summarize a Web Page from a URL address without opening it, directly from the software main screen or via its extensions in Windows or integrated client applications.
  • Summarizes text document from the Clipboard.
  • Produces document summary of unopened documents in various compatible file formats (.doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .htm, .html and .url).
  • Can summarize documents in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Generates summary reports with key concepts (up to 100) and key sentences according to the configured or customized summary length.
  • Offers whole document or selected part of a document summary functionalities.
  • Can refine a summary report by deleting selected concepts and sentences, with an automatic summary updating when a concept is deleted.
  • Highlights concepts in key sentences.
  • Can modify in real-time the summary length value of a document summary (percentage or maximum number of required words).
  • Exports summary reports to various file formats (HTML, XML, Rich Text Format and Text file) and appended to files.
  • Copies summary concepts and key sentences into another document.
  • Sends summary reports to one or more recipients.
  • Offers Print command for summary reports.
Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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