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Color Tools

Color Tools is specially designed to give users easier and better color processing experience. Being available in a system tray, the program will always be at hand and can be run easily in just a few clicks to provide access to an effective color picker. Except for giving users a handy color picker, Color Tools also offers such additional features as image editing and converting as well as the ability to capture screenshots with alpha transparency.Users will find a color picker effective due to the following range of benefits:

1: What does the registration key mean?
A registration key is a one-of-a-kind ID generated by the FME Licensing Assistant from system data. It's Safe's way of limiting a single fixed license to a single computer.

2: What is a registration key number?
A registration key is a code of letters and numbers that allows access to one of the many Thomson Reuters products, such as Westlaw, CLEAR, Firm Central, and more.

3: What is the registration key?
Each person will create an individual user account by entering the customer's account number, an online registration key (available from your local dealer), and basic billing and shipping address information. The account administrator will be the first account created.

– Those familiar with Photoshop will find it extremely easy to use color picker as it is presented in a similar style and comes with some additional features; – It can be used in every editor (Sublime Text, Notepad++) allowing you to easily open it by pressing Ctrl+C+C or simply selecting it from a system tray; – It perceives all the color formats, for example #FF0000, rgb(255, 0, 0), rgba(255, 0, 0, 1), hsl(0, 100%, 50%), red; – With the help of an eyedropper you could pick any color on the screen for its further identification and usage.

While editing and converting images with the help of Color Tools:

– It is possible to open and save multiple image file formats, both basic and more specific ones; – You can perform such basic image processing operations as cropping and resizing. You will be able to smooth, crop, rotate image as well as select and copy its separate parts.

Capturing screenshots with alpha transparency will come in very handy:

– You will easily capture the screenshot of the whole screen by pressing a traditional PrintScreen button. To get a screenshot of an active window only, just press Alt+PrintScreen. After the screenshot is captured, it is then opened in the editor instead of simply being copied to the clipboard. Afterwards, you can crop or resize this screenshot prior to saving it in any format to your liking; – Application is capable of capturing screenshots with alpha transparency. If the window has an Aero effect, shadow or just an alpha channel, these will also be covered in the screenshot

Graphic designers, digital artists and webmasters can get artistic ideas and inspiration at any moment. They often notice colours and colour combinations for their projects while doing something else. This is why a quick and convenient way of capturing those colours is essential. With Just Color Picker, identifying the colours, saving, editing and combining them into beautiful colour combinations is super easy. Unlike many other apps, Just Color Picker was created by a person who actually uses it on an everyday basis. It is software for designers and digital artists created by a designer and a digital artist.

Just Color Picker features:

  • Extensive range of colour code formats: HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, HWB, CMY, CMYK and Delphi.
  • Averaged colour sampling for easy colour noise handling.
  • 3x, 9x and 15x magnifier and keyboard control of the mouse cursor movements for greater precision.
  • Screen freeze feature for sampling the colour of the elements that change on mouse-hover.
  • Point lock feature for monitoring the colour in the set screen location independent of the mouse cursor position.
  • Calculation of pixel distance between points.
  • Colour list for saving, cataloguing and re-using the picked colours.
  • Ability to open, edit and save Adobe Photoshop .aco colour swatches (Adobe color files) and GIMP .gpl palette files.
  • Interaction with the standard Windows and macOS colour dialogs.
  • User comments and notes for picked colours.
  • Conversion of HTML/Hexadecimal and RGB colour codes into the corresponding colours.
  • Red-Green-Blue (RGB), Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY) and Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB) colour wheels with marked triads and complementary colours.
  • Harmonious colour scheme generator.
  • RGB, HSV and HSL colour editors for adjusting and editing colours.
  • Gradient transition between any two colours for creating a wide range of in-between hues.
  • Text tool for evaluating the readability of the selected font and background colour combinations.
  • CSS-ready colour codes.
  • Optional stay-on-top behaviour.
  • User-defined hotkeys.
  • Copying the colour code to the clipboard with one mouse click or automatically.
  • High-DPI awareness.
  • Multi-display support.
  • No installation required. Just Color Picker is a portable application and can be run directly from a USB stick.
  • Multilingual interface: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Color Palette Customization

ColorTool is a graphics software by Manuel Riecke. The software helps users to create their own color palettes from scratch. Users have to first import their illustrations as a reference for their color palette. Then they can remap the illustration’s color palette with the software’s remapping algorithm. The palette remapping feature is customizable by simply dragging it while producing available colors to choose from. They can see what would the illustration look like in a new palette in real time. The custom palette is exportable in 8 palette formats for illustration software. This includes Aseprite, Krita and Photoshop. Users can export the palette as specially arranged PNG file which is supported by every illustration software today.


  • Generate custom color palette from scratch

  • Draw design works, digital illustrations and pixel art

  • Create new ideas for coloring

  • Comes with multiple format exporting


  • Can only tweak color palettes

  • Lacks any basic illustration tools

  • Needs fixing when importing illustrations

  • May not have formats for other illustration software

Install a license key using a registration key file?

1: Click Install Key after navigating to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key.
2: Choose Upload a licence key file.
3: Click OK after providing the path to the key file you downloaded from the email.

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