• Even though there are many perks associated with running a gym or being a personal trainer, then two of the challenges you are bound to face is keeping accurate records for tax time and managing your clients training sessions. While in the first case you could consider getting an account to help you out, the second issue requires a more delicate approach in general.

    Bytetrainer is an application that enables you to keep track of all the customers registered to your gym and managing their program routines effortlessly.

    Although it is not very appealing, the utility comes with a well-structured UI that enables you to quickly access the function of choice in no time. More precisely, you can view the list of customers or add a new one as well as unsubscribe the ones that are no longer working with you easily from the main window.

    The main window includes the programs section where you can create personalized sessions for your clients according to their needs. In addition, the app comes with a statistics function where you can preview the evolution for each subscriber as well as the active and completed training programs.

    The highlight of the program stems from the fact that you can create individualized training sessions, complete with warmup, actual exercise and stretching routine, for one or a group of clients. You can build a routine by specifying the level of difficulty, duration and selecting the suitable set of exercises according to the needs of your customers.

    You will be happy to learn that the tool includes a wide variety of exercises, including cardio, strength, pilates and training with equipment. Therefore, you can craft programs based on the machines and accessories you have in your gym.

    It is necessary to mention that the application also allows you to add your own set of exercises, an option that could come in handy if you are constantly trying to improve your programs to address your customers’ fitness needs.

    In the eventuality that your job as a personal trainer entails managing a lot of customers on a daily basis, then Bytetrainer could lend you a hand with creating routines that can help them get better results.