• Batch & Print Premium Law Edition is a useful piece of software that comes equipped with a set of advanced functions for large-scale print jobs, print scheduling, and even printer configuration tasks.

    Right off the bat, you should know that this utility allows you to print scores or files on more than one printing machines at once. Thanks to its multicore, multi-threaded print processing, you can perform large-scale print jobs for files such as PDF, SPL, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PS, PCL, BMP, WMF, .NET, .CRW, and PNG. Of course, other types of associated files can be printed, as well, but only without benefiting from the multi-threaded processing technology.

    The app also works with all the typical shell printable documents such as TXT, PDF, and HTML, including those of Microsoft Office. What is more, this particular version Batch & Print has been specially tweaked to sequentially perform batch printing of email files such as MSG, EML and PST.

    It is also worth noting that Batch & Print Premium Law Edition makes it possible for you to monitor the queue of any printer. In addition, it also provides you with the option to monitor folders, FTP/SFTP servers, as well as POP3 email services.

    Having said that, performing basic printing tasks is not exactly challenging, despite the fact that it comes with a fairly outdated user interface. Things are made even easier since you can load files by dragging and dropping them on the app’s main window. Of course, the app provides you with numerous ways to categorize lists of files and even schedule print jobs.

    Batch files replication, full command line support, archive file support, email notifications, and the possibility to convert all sorts of files directly to PDF are just other feature that makes Batch & Print Premium Law Edition feel like a professional app.

    Before we conclude, we would like to point out that Batch & Print Premium Law Edition is not exactly a polished product, just yet. We had a fair bit of trouble successfully installing the app on more than one of our testing machines and, once we succeeded, it crashed on multiple occasions during the actual printing process.

    Taking everything into consideration, Batch & Print Premium Law Edition is an extensively feature-packed utility that enables you to print multiple files on more than on printer, at the same time, schedule printing operations, and even monitor folders, servers and other types of printers over a network.