• SQL Anywhere Forensics is a powerful and intuitive program that enables you to analyze SQL Anywhere database files, export entries to multiple formats, replace passwords and recover lost keys.

    SQL Anywhere Forensics displays all the tables, views, procedures triggers and user accounts found in the database file, and the extracted data can be exported to XML or CSV documents.

    Moreover, the program includes an SQL code viewer that supports syntax highlighting, and you can save the embedded code to RTF or TXT files.

    The application does not require any external database engines, so you can use it to examine your files on any machine that meets the OS requirements, without having to install additional software.

    Aside from its data viewing functions, SQL Anywhere Forensics can also help you recover lost account passwords. Several types of attacks can be run, and you can even queue multiple operations.

    The application can launch a dictionary attack using one of the available dictionaries or attempt to crack the password by trying a series of combinations based on a user-defined set of characters.

    Additionally, it is possible to mix multiple types of attacks, as well as provide a known part of the password, so as to speed up the recovery process.

    Database utilities are typically not very novice-friendly, but SQL Anywhere Forensics can be used to beginners and experts alike, as the interface has a very intuitive layout.

    Furthermore, the application comes with a comprehensive user manual that explains all the supported procedures in detail.

    Overall, SQL Anywhere Forensics is a lightweight and easy-to-use program that can help you analyze SQL Anywhere database files, export information and recover passwords. It features a modern, streamlined interface and offers detailed documentation.