• The average household printer and most text or image viewers are designed to print in A4, printing larger than the standard paper size usually causes problems and wasted paper. Abonsoft Big Image Printer is an application that allows users to print images that are far larger than A4 on a regular printer. It works well for naturally large images or images you want to scale up to a poster like size.

    The design of Big Image Printer is intended to provide a constant visual preview, in real time, of any setting changes or adjustments you make to the image you are working with. Anytime you adjust one of its size or orientation settings, it is instantly displayed in the preview window. For those who want a clearer preview, the Print Preview button generates a separate window that allows users to view the image’s actual size.

    While the application is easy to use, it can be hard to view the changes to the images resolution and clarity when you are adjusting it. The main preview box is quite small and, while you can enlarge the applications window, you can’t enlarge the preview to match it without opening the separate Print Preview window. A way to judge the image resolution, various resolution and ratio settings, plus a scaling preview box when you expand the application, would quickly improve the application.

    The application provides users with a satisfying range of settings when it comes to the paper layout. Users can easily adjust how many pages the image will be split over, how to orient the paper and also if the image is stretched or allowed to keep its current ratio. While these settings are useful, the image lacks more superfluous settings that would add an element of fun and increased value.

    A black and white filter is available, but it seems more of a practical option to save on printer ink, while this is appreciated, it is limited. Additional filters offering unusual effects would add an extra layer to the application and add elements of fun, taking it from a practical tool to a more versatile application with wider appeal.

    In conclusion, the application does exactly what it offers to do with a good range of settings and details. There are areas though where it could do more, the amount of dead space in the interface when the application is launched could be filled with more features and additions. Still, for the price, it is a worth while purchase and useful printing tool.